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  1. Marta says

    Oh, we have quite some things in common! I love how coffee smells but I don’t like the taste and also don’t feel like I need it to wake up. I can’t sleep with an arm or a leg on me (and even less with someone breathing in my ear!). And I was also very shy when I was a child and my face would get all red when the teacher asked me questions. I’m still a bit shy but it depends a lot on which language I’m speaking: I’m quite shy in Spanish, my native tongue; only a bit shy in English; and completely non-shy and even a bit shameless in Chinese. Go figure…

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahah that sounds all too familiar 🙂 It’s great that you have outgrown the shyness.. can you imagine turning red everyone some asks you how you are? Plus the fact that you speak such cool languages gives you extra brownie points <3

  2. cfoster20 says

    I can’t sleep with socks on and my side of the closet has got to be closed. I don’t believe in monster’s but an open closet creeps me out.

  3. PoojaG says

    Really interesting list! I hate small talk as well and would much rather just not talk at all then make small talk. I’m super awkward around new people and really don’t know how to make small talk with people I don’t know. I try of course but I am not good at it. I also really get obsessed with stuff when I like something.

    • Shelly DS says

      Wouldn’t it be funny if you just said to someone new “the Covid 19 was a well thought conspiracy theory to divert our attention from a nuclear attack” when they asked “how are you?” 😅 we should try it out!

  4. quirkymoms486 says

    Love this!! I can’t sleep with socks on either! I’m not good and cuddling while sleeping but I can cuddle my blankets and pillows like crazy! Lol

  5. Allie Zottola says

    This was so much fun to read! It’s always such a great way to get to know someone by reading about their quirks and habits and whatnot! I am so with you on not enjoying small talk. I just want to get down to the real stuff and am super shy as well!

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks Allie 💖 I have this one client that always talks about the weather… initially I went with it but now I just wanna pull my hair out!!! I think us shy people don’t find it intriguing haha

  6. Hilary Tan says

    Oh boy…. you don’t like coffee or chocolate? Oh no! Have you tried coffee and chocolate together? These are the two things that cheer me up! Surprisingly, I’m able to quit coffee whenever and have quit coffee many times. Some people get addicted to it but I don’t. As for chocolate, I go through phases. I get bad PMS and chocolate is the only thing that helps!

    As for anime, I actually like anime but am super picky about what I will watch. Can’t stand dubbed anime. I’m married to an Asian but the only anime he watches is Pokémon. He’s not a fan of anime either and he’s Singaporean. You’re so lucky that you got to live in Japan! My dream is to visit Japan one day!

    • Shelly DS says

      Hilary you are super adorable! I can’t say I’ve ever tried chocolate and coffee and not too sure I want to try it either… Maybe as a mocha latte? I can completely understand craving sweets but just can’t get what’s so great about that creamy, solid piece of brown sugar! lol (Puts hand on forehead in a dramatic pose)
      As for Japan, you really should visit. Singapore’s a similar vibe as Tokyo if you want the glam without the language barrier. Maybe time for hubby to take you? 😉

  7. Kate says

    I have to sleep in socks when it is cold out. The rest of my family is the opposite.
    I have spent much of my life being shy, some of it eased as I got older.

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahah how on earth do your feet not feel trapped? I’m that person who has to have a foot sticking out of the blankies so trust me when I say I cannot relate!

  8. Jane Tawel says

    How fun — we are all so different and unique and yet we are all connected in wonderful ways if we simply try to accept and help and love each other. (and by the way, I simply can NOT sleep without pants or socks, no matter how hot it is, so…. 🙂 )

    • Shelly DS says

      Jane, oh Jane… you poor human! How are you feeling after years of captivity in your pants and socks?? Repeat after me: I want to be free!!! Haha just kidding! You’re so right about spreading love and helping each other. Opening up to new people has shown how similar we really are!

  9. Helen says

    I loved reading this post and getting to know you a bit better. Looks like we have a few things in common: I don’t like making small talk, I love the scent of coffee, I don’t like anime despite being half Asian, and I get addicted (obsessed) with things easily too. Though I don’t understand how you don’t like chocolate 😉 Chocolate is my lifeblood 🙂 But I can understand the feeling of it sticking to your mouth — definitely not pleasant. I’ve felt like that at time after eating Oreos 🙂


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