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  1. SamSahana says

    Not me pretending that fall exists in my country 🙈 But I have experienced actual autumn while travelling abroad. May I say, these are wonderful points to note! One I wish could be highlighted with a fluorescent highlighter is the need for a lotion! My skin was peeling like a snake’s the whole time! What’s worse, a little boy handed me Vaseline to apply on my chapped list! Vaseline should be on the list too! Loved all the points. I think it is practical and pragmatic to carry these things along.

  2. Above My Waves says

    Fuzzy socks are a staple in my fall/cold weather wardrobe!
    I flew a lot when I was younger and I learned that boots that easily slip on and off are a must. Also, layering is the way to go. You never know if your flight is going to be chilly or warm, so having a sweater you can easily put on or take off is important.
    While masks are often a requirement now, an additional plus is that they’ll keep your face warm when you’re outdoors, too.


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