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  1. Helen says

    Great post!! I agree that Valentine’s day is overly commercialized to the point that it has almost lost its meaning. do we really need a day to remind us to love someone? That should be a given. That should be something that we already do each and every day. BUt I guess that is human nature for ya! 😉

  2. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    I love this Jan. It really speaks to my minimalist side. There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and other holidays that don’t involve stuff! Personally, I’m all about experiences and charitable giving. No better way to celebrate in my opinion. Unfortunately, we’re in lockdown so that will have to wait for another year.

  3. claudiarachel says

    Lovely post. I am not a fan of Valentine’s day particularly but one year my husband and I both bought each other the same CD (our car is ancient) and wow! The synchronisity felt the most magical thing ever. This year he’s promised to finish a book in time so he can “regift” it to me for my valentine’s gift! Thoughtfulness is what counts the most, I think.

  4. Amethyst says

    Very thoughtful ideas here. You definitely don’t need to give expensive or extravagant gifts to show your love. Love is love, so share it with everyone. I enjoyed this post.

  5. Rochelle | Adventuresfromelle says

    I love this! Thankfully my mom has always been my Valentine regardless of whether or not I have a partner for Valentine that year. I look forward to her little gifts and trinkets every year. I plan to do the same for my kids in the future 🙂


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