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  1. Olivia says

    I really miss working from the office but I think I’m in that weird between stage where I like working from home too. I wish I could go to lunch with my work friends and spend 30 mins everyday listening to music on the train before and after work. But I have come to enjoy this time of stillness being at home!

    Great post guys!

  2. Happy Panda says

    Totally agreed, Niraj! I’m glad to be back in office. Going to office gives my day a structure, once I’m out of office I know the work day is formally over. I also love the commute to & fro to office. While heading to office, I use that time to structure my work day and while returning I use the time to listen to audio books and catch up on social media. I’m glad to be back in office – though I do have the flexibility to WFH, I prefer heading to work.

  3. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    I definitely miss the social aspect of being in the office. I miss the casual chats in the coffee station, informal lunches and the team lunches. I look forward to going back to my 3-days at home, 2-days in the office routine at some point. It’s the perfect balance for me.

  4. seankfletcher says

    For me, working from home is awesome. It never used to be, though. I have worked in so many different environments including large corporate ones, medium sized organisations, and small ones. Of course, I have been in charge of quite a few places too. Then, when I went out consulting (which I still do), I had my own office for quite some time – 2kms from home, which was set up exactly how I wanted (I do miss that office sometimes – I used to walk to and from the office, it was great). The bottom line is: no, I don’t miss travelling to and from work whether it’s by car, train or bus. I do have to fly quite a bit, which I enjoy. I have spoken and interacted enough times in the workplace to last me a thousand life times (makes me sound a bit grumpy 😂). I conduct training of up to 40 days a year, so there is always quite a healthy lot of interaction going on there. My view though, is that 2021 is still going to be quite a disruptive year, but we know how to handle this much better now.

  5. Ky says

    I’ve worked both from home and out of the office. I do miss getting to interact with co-workers, customers, ect. Nothing beats working from home and never missing a moment with my kids. Plus I find it easier if they get sick

  6. missybeelondon says

    Great read. I hear you with missing proper face to face social interactions.
    Online socials just ain’t the same, in my opinion. Day by day we are getting back to normality

  7. Markus + Micah says

    Really nice collaboration girls. And yes, I can see why these aspects of working from the office are missed, especially socials. It can really be a nice way to get rid of some work-related stress.

  8. Amethyst says

    I like both but I do enjoy the free time while commuting to listen to a podcast or read and interacting with my colleagues. But I still prefer working from home most of the time.

  9. The Caffeinated Powerhouse says

    I haven’t had an office to go to for 6 years now. And the only thing I did miss was commuting with hubby. Now that little Reid is in school and we still have one car. I get to have that again at least for a bit. All the other things can go to hell 😂😂

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