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  1. beth says

    being a globalized world certainly has its ups and downs. i wish things were more equal with people given equal opportunities. no one has control over where they are born, and it certainly makes things easier or more difficult depending on where that is.

  2. bosssybabe says

    I loved that you gave tangible examples and made the info so digestible for all! You made very valid points about the education systems around the world and the nastiest beast of all, taxes! I’m happy for my taxes to help social causes and to close the gap between the haves and have-nots but when it helps line the pockets of those already driving Ferrari’s… Not so much! Education is so important and it still baffles me that some parts of the world still lack this privilege! Amazing post!

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!
      It really hurts to see that so many people are disadvantaged from birth… in order for things to change, they would need a miracle and a lifetime of real dedication!

  3. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    I totally agree with you on the need for education systems to be harmonized. It would simplify so many things.

    Here in Canada, education is a provincial responsibility, so we basically have 10 different systems! Most are similar, except for Quebec but they always do their own thing. The challenge would be to get everyone to agree because, let’s face it, everyone thinks theirs is best. Maybe one day…

    • Shelly DS says

      10 different educational systems!!! That’s absurd! I wonder how kids are expected to transition from a rainbow education system to standardized university… wow

  4. samsahana says

    This was a great post and I can’t help but agree with EVERY single one of the points. VISAS make life so much difficult! 😭 I was once denied a visa to Denmark due to some complications (and no fault of mine). Similarly, the education, tax, all that you mentioned were EXCELLENT points! To answer the question at the conclusion of the article, there are definitely downs to globalisation. Resources are so unevenly spread and it has only made the rich rcidher and poor poorer. If there is something I want in a globalised world, it is for racism and discrimination to be non-existent, which unfortunately isn’t the case yet. Again, wonderful post! 🤍

  5. Delicate and brutal says

    Love love love this post hun!!! I wish traveling internationally required 1 document like a universal passport. I wish Healthcare and education was globalized so that everyone has equal access to Healthcare and education regardless of their background.

  6. Helen says

    interesting post! Your comment about having a globalized “visa” if you will would be pretty cool & save many people a headache when traveling abroad. Even as an American, if I were to travel to another country, I have to get the necessary visas to enter it. It’s not super difficult but a long process nonetheless.
    And I also wish that we had more control over the things that the government paid for using taxes. I also wouldn’t mind the government using taxes to pay for a universal healthcare system. I mean in America at least we already have medicaid so why not expand it to cover everyone? We are paying for it anyway.
    And those riots sound awful. I’m glad that you are ok .

  7. Happy Panda says

    I so get you on visas!!!!!!! So most of my international trips have been with family or for work and the visas though hectic were sorted out together so it didn’t seem like a huge pain. But I went to Spain solo in 2019 – and though I just had to submit a bunch of documents and the visa was done in a 2-3 days – getting those documents together was a pain. A bank statement, a statement from my employer, my rent agreement, my old passports, my salary statement, etc. etc. – it was CRAZY! I felt so stressed out just getting those documents together. So definitely YES to a globalized passport. There should be one agency that does a background check and issues you a passport and basis that you should be able to travel anywhere at any point of time.

  8. Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji says

    Most of my sister’s family-in-law are in London. In 2019 they were planning to visit them and I insisted that I travel with them. Yoohh one of the things they wanted to finalize my visa was that my bank account should at least have R30 000, then I’ll qualify. St that time I was a student and I didn’t have such kind of money hahaha. I still dont😆😆. But I was really sad and they told me if only it was going to study they’d allow not as just a trip. I missed the opportunity and they left me behind. Was that even fair??


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