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  1. SamSahana says

    First things first, just yesterday, I visited your blog and I was quite worried that you haven’t posted for the longest time. I love the serendipity! Just a day later, you’re writing on a topic that I’ve been thinking about a LOT recently! It’s as if this post was directly addressed to me! I turn 18 in a few weeks and although it doesn’t imply much where I live, it would mean so much in other parts of the world. I love that you highlighted is not all a bed of roses like we imagine. My favourite one was where you compared the selfies taken in a day (and multiply it by each day of a year) to one’s love life. That’s how many times you’d get it wrong. Well, thanks for busting myths that movies create! And the one about babies was accccurate 😵 I don’t feel like an adult and I’m sure I won’t, 3 weeks hence just because I turn 18. I have you to relate to. 😉 Thanks for this post, really needed this! 💖

    • Shelly DS says

      Aww you’re too sweet! Thanks so much for your feedback and for the telepathy. 😁
      It’s very unlike me to not post for so long but sometimes we gotta do what the heart wants! And you’re 18 soon, so exciting! I’ll celebrate your adulthood on my side of the world~ 😅
      This side of life isn’t that glamorous, so don’t rush life. If anything, enjoy every single moment you have left till reality hits!

  2. Mentalhealthandmusicals says

    I’m 35 and still don’t feel like I’m doing the whole ‘adult’ thing right. I think you spend a long time envisioning your future based on your desires and dreams and what popular tv shows you and growing up you realise hardly any of those things are easily attainable or realistic. As long as you don’t put pressure on yourself to hit certain milestones just because then it does get easier.

  3. bosssybabe says

    Totally agree, buying a home and becoming a parent really moved me from kid status to adulting lol…

    I hate cleaning my house lol and as an adult it’s really only up to me or my husband to do it. I love having my own vehicle and going wherever I want and buying whatever I want lol… That’s freedom to me!

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha it’s the kids isn’t it? I hate cleaning so I do as little of it as possible. If it can be outsourced, then that’s happening. If it can be done by hubby, then that’s what’s happening 🙈
      Jokes aside, I think we overlooked all of the tough aspects of adulting when we were kids. Selective imagination!

  4. Happy Panda says

    Hahaha I so get you. But I really don’t like anything about adulting – mainly because I feel like time is passing by and I’m not able to do everything I intend to. 🙈
    Oh but yeah – get to eat cake whenever I feel like – best part of adultig. 😁

    • Shelly DS says

      Moksha, time isn’t passing by~ you’re just doing things in realistic timelines. Everyone’s paths are different and sometimes the roads are longer or shorter. You’ll get there 😉

  5. petespringerauthor says

    This age thing is a trap. 🤣 We long to be older for so long because with age means privileges. Then one day we wake up (I’m long past this point at 62) and long to be young again. I’m joking mostly here, but there are times where my wife or I say, “I feel old today.” That is not a good feeling. Then, I remember how lucky we’ve been and I quit feeling sorry for myself.

    I also can identify with wanting a nice house, but then having the issue of maintaining it. I never was into material things, but I did want a nice house. Now I spend far too much time fixing things that eventually break down.

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahah I love your spirit Pete! I keep telling you that you’re younger and more fun than a lot of people I know, and it’s very much true. Material things only last for so long, and we do need to wake up and be realistic. Can you imagine how hard one must work to buy a mansion that they will only occupy a tenth of? It’s kinda insane if you ask me 😅

  6. C a t a r i n a says

    What I really hate about being an adult is serious decision making, finance is not a problem I learned how to budget my monthly income vs what I have to pay out. Another thing is there’s always something, there’s no day passes by with some bs happening. At least that’s me speaking about myself. Thank you for the honestly girl … some days are ROUGH af

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahahha you nailed it with the daily bs! It’s like being in a never-ending survivor series, with less obvious obstacles that jump out at you when you’re the weakest. Not cool!

  7. Delicate and brutal says

    I had this glamorous dream that my adult life would be so much different than how I grew up. I swore I would never make the same mistakes my parents did. I would become pharmacist, get married, buy a house, and have a son and a daughter. Needless to say life doesn’t go as planned. But I am grateful for the life I have because it has taught me so many valuable lessons 🙂

    • Shelly DS says

      Life never goes as planned for anyone, and unfortunately we have to play the cards we are dealt, but your resilience shows in how amazingly you’re handling yours. In my books, you get an A+ for adulting!

  8. Above My Waves says

    I feel you on the taxes. I let the husband deal with that. I do keep up with the bills, though.
    One thing I do wish was easier is getting insurance. I stayed in a job I didn’t like because the insurance was good. Now that I’m a stay at home mom, good insurance is harder to come by and as a heart patient, I need the insurance.
    I do enjoy getting to shop for whatever I want! I’m pretty reasonable when it comes to spending money and will usually give myself a limit that I stick to.

  9. Anonymous says

    Ya That is think I’m concerning because I’m planing to have my own family and move out. Do you have any tips for us as any issue you pointed out?

  10. Rochelle | Adventuresfromelle says

    I certainly have mixed feelings about adulthood too. I turn 26 next week, and it’s scary to know I’m a year closer to the big 3-0. However, a part of it is also exciting. I’ve finally met someone who I envision as my life partner and by 30, I see us married, living together and starting a family. I should also be finished or close to finishing my post grad training, earning more than I do now and paying mortgage instead of rent. Hopefully I would have a bit more international travel beneath my belt by then too and all those things are exciting concepts. I do hope I’m happy and fulfilled.

    • Shelly DS says

      Oh wow look at you girl! I’m so happy that things are all falling into place for you~ everyone deserves to find real love 😍
      And to be honest, the older you get, things will change, but that doesn’t mean it has to be bad. Plus, you have like 70 more years to travel, so don’t rush anything 😉

  11. Heidy De La Cruz says

    I can relate to not feeling like an adult. I remember thinking at like 25, “when will I feel like an adult?” It really hit me at 27 LOL Like, I am not getting any younger. There are definitely ups and downs to being an adult but when I was younger I couldn’t wait to grow up. I wanted freedom and independence. I can definitely relate to this post.


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