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  1. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    Ha ha! That’s funny and we’ve seen every one of those people. The funny thing is, my work laptop is possessed. There are 3 USB ports that I can plug my headset into. But, get this! I need to use a different one for Zoom, Teams, WebEx and GoTo Meeting. We use Teams at work, but every time I join an external meeting, I end up having to unplug my headset or switch the port. It drives me CRAZY!

  2. LoseWeightWithAng says

    I don’t video call anyone, but I watch a group of live streamers on Youtube. They have trouble with their video all the time. Nearly every day they have a mic issue or someone freezes. What a pain 😂

  3. Maya says

    Video calls these days 🤣 great post!! I remember when I was on a video call in January with people outside the UAE and they kept disconnecting and having technical issues and I was sitting in the UAE with the fastest internet and no technical issues 🤣

      • Maya says

        It was, it happened every couple of minutes! I had enough and decided to leave the call in the end

      • Maya says

        I would also love to guest post on Growing with Spawn. Is guest posting open and is there an email i have to contact. thanks again shelly xxx

      • Shelly DS says

        Thanks for showing interest, Maya. But I’m goin on a small “no guest posters” hiatus while I work on improving my site’s SEO. I’ll have two more posts coming out that have already been pre-agreed. I’ll let you know when slots open up!

  4. Amethyst says

    Lol. What a great post. I was lucky enough not to have to endure video calls for work. Had minor issues while chatting with friends though. Video reconnecting is the most popular one.
    Great post Shelly. So relatable in these times.


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