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  1. somdattadeb says

    I always associate aroma to my memories. I understand what you mean. I can feel aroma of childhood, aroma of winter, aroma of holidays and so on. Many people do not understand what I mean. I am very happy to found someone like me.

    • Shelly DS says

      Oh heck yeah! Aromas are so important and it’s scientifically proven to trigger your brain to recall certain memories. Anyone who says that they don’t know what you mean is not telling the truth… new house smell, new car smell, mom’s cooking, etc. They all trigger memories.

  2. vaniheart says

    Haha 😄 this was a interesting read about your semi naked Christmas trees 🌲 🤣
    But out of all these points…you always manage to make things go right..even if it includes last minute rush…
    So maybe you invented “last min sprint” as your Christmas tradition 🤔 😉

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha Vani you should def work in sales! I do tend to make it work, but I really wish I learnt from my mistakes and had at least one perfect Christmas season… Maybe next year! lol

  3. LoseWeightWithAng says

    Ooh yes to the smell of spices when you walk in! I made ginger snaps the other day and my house smelled SO GOOD, but now it’s gone away. I really need some candles or an air freshener.

  4. Leigh Ann Lilly says

    This is such a clever post!! I’m guilty of decorating so late that I don’t get to enjoy it for long, but this year I committed to decorating before or by 12/1 and I’ve so enjoyed having the tree up. Last minute shopping could be a fun tradition, right?

    Do you switch up your tree decorations yearly?

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks Leigh Ann! I don’t switch them up yearly, I tend to just add on to what I have when I remember, so it goes from a skinny lifeless tree to one with a tassel, then I buy another tassel lol
      And yes, if that’s the intention, then definitely a fun tradition~ but how expensive is it to get gifts in December?! 😫

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