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  1. envirolineblog says

    I definitely feel myself getting more anxious the less sleep I have. I know that you shouldn’t go on your device before sleeping but I can’t seem to get myself out of this habit. I deffo go to sleep far too late so maybe I’ll try, just one night a week to start, to go to bed earlier and read. Great post <3

    • Shelly DS says

      The phone thing is a tough habit to kick. Keep trying though! Lol good luck trying to sleep early. It will be difficult at first 😅
      Thanks for reading 💖

  2. Shahrin says

    Trust me about anxiety —if I don’t sleep well, it becomes terrible for me.
    I do love a routine and reading before bed. I feel that helps me unwind and get some rest. Xx

  3. Shayla says

    Sleep? What’s that!? LOL. I’m waiting for the day that my daughter starts sleeping through the night , my anxiety is through the roof!

  4. mindbeautysimplicity says

    I’m the type of person who needs proper sleep. Otherwise, I am just not myself. I feel more irritable & become anxious. I have the issue of sleeping too much. I love naps, but have found it’s helpful when I’m stressed.

  5. imifarm says

    I’m struggling so much at the moment from sleep deprivation and have really noticed that I struggle to remember simple words! It’s funny because i’ve done everything on the list at the end of your post but nothing seems to work. Hopefully i’ll just get so tired, it will knock me into a deep sleep! xx

    • Shelly DS says

      That sounds really rough and frustrating! How’s your mental health? I found that after seeing someone a psychiatrist and getting my depression and anxiety under check I was then able to sleep better. Not saying you are the same but it could be something that you might wanna look into 😉

      • imifarm says

        My mental health isn’t great at the moment but I have lots of techniques to help. I think it might be an up in dosage of anti depressants that causing the sleep deprivation but doesn’t normally go on this long. Then, again it could also just be the year we are having! xx

  6. Markus + Micah says

    Good points. So much can be transformed by good sleep. Sadly, I have been missing bedtime lately because of socials with my sisters. Really hoping to catch up on sleep once the holidays are done!

  7. Eromonsele Emmanuel says

    Back in school, I remember been on extra alert when I spent the previous night awake doing assignments.

    Nowadays, I still struggle to drop my phone before bed and it causes me serious problems sometimes, neck pains, fatigue or lightness on subsequent days. I’m getting better tho.

    For me, I never gained weight from staying awake. I actually lost a lot! Maybe it’s a two-way street.

  8. missybeelondon says

    I’m have recently started to do regular walks, and I notice I sleep better. Lockdown really has taken it’s toll in me and I put on weight because I was less active.

    • Shelly DS says

      Don’t worry, you’re not alone on the weight gain. It has happened to most of us! The walks should also help you clear your mind so please don’t stop even when life goes back to normal 🙂

  9. Astrid says

    Interesting post! I have to note though, I heard from my former psychiatrist that short-time sleep deprivation can actually lift one’s mood when depressed. I’m not sure how it works and indeed it won’t cure significant mental illness, so well.

    I do know lack of quality sleep, even if you do get enough sleep, can contribute to weight gain and a lot of other issues.


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