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  1. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    A song is coming to mind “Mistakes….I’ve made a few.” LOL

    Seriously though, the biggest mistake I made was first not using images, and then when I started using images, I didn’t make them the right size so they looked good when my post was shared on social media. I had to spend a LOT of time going back and reworking old images.

    I also didn’t have a clue about SEO and had to go back and rework old posts for that too.

  2. Helen says

    Thanks for sharing your blogging mistakes with us so we can learn from them as well. I’ve actually made the same mistake as you regarding the broken link one.. I also changed my blog links to remove the date well after my blog was already established, only to realize that it would result in loads and loads of broken links. I am still working on getting that fixed. 🙁 Although I don’t regret changing it but I wish I had done it when I first started blogging. But at least I didn’t wait to change it today for example, because that would be even more work 😉

  3. bosssybabe says

    Broken links! Oh the broken links! Sometimes I just give up lol haha.. Blogging is a LOT of work.. LIKE A LOT… people just don’t understand how much time goes into drafting, writing, posting, idea-ing, maintenance, engagement, etc etc.. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Shelly! 🙂

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha wisdom? More like my realizations from stupidity 🥴 but it’s comforting to see that these errors are more common than I thought! 😅

  4. mindbeautysimplicity says

    I struggle with sharing too much vs. not sharing enough. I want my readers to get to know me behind the blog. But if I do post something personal, I delete it a few months later. It’s learning to be vague but still sharing enough where people feel like they are connecting with me. It’s a balance I’m still working on.

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