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  1. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    Excellent tips. I love frozen fruits and veggies. Living in a cold, northern country like Canada, our summer growing season is very short. Most of the “fresh” fruits and vegetables in our stores in winter were picked early and travelled thousands of miles to our stores, losing nutrients and flavour on the journey. Frozen, on the other hand, are picked at optimal ripeness and flash frozen to retain all that delicious flavour and those important nutrients.

  2. bosssybabe says

    Great post and ideas to inspire others to eat healthy while conveniently! I am someone who doesn’t really go to the grocery mart with a list of items needed for certain recipes… I have tried and true recipes and I literally just cook whatever I have in my fridge.. My biggest problem is remembering to thaw my meat in enough time LOL… frozen foods are really great in a pinch (whether it’s frozen pizza or food you made fresh and froze for another day) love that for us! 🙂

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks for reading and sharing Bossy Babe! And you’re not alone on thawing the meat in advance. I always forget till it’s too late, then I end up marinating it and leaving it in the fridge till the next day~ still a win! Lol

  3. Pooja G says

    Yup I have most of these! I think having a ready to eat meal or like a frozen pizza or something is great for days when you’re too tired to cook and just need to relax.

  4. Helen says

    When I first read the title, i was thinking more in terms of condiments like ketchup or bbq sauce.
    I agree with the cooked chicken idea (do you know how long it takes for frozen chicken to defrost?) though I have been keeping canned chicken as an easy go-to.
    I love your last point regarding comfort foods. I love eating something good and comfortable while reading a good book but usually don’t have enough of those on hand 🙁

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha ingredients not condiments 😉
      I’ve never tried canned chicken. Is it any good? I’ve tried canned salmon and never even finished the can 😂😅

      • Helen says

        canned chicken is okay. I haven’t eaten it straight out of the can but rather use it in recipes. It’s just convenient to have .. instead of waiting to defrost the chicken, you can simply pop open a can. so much easier lol

  5. Dacia says

    Yes! Must have the chicken and frozen veggies! Those are main staples in our house. We usually have a surplus of other meats like sausage or pork chops, and a box of noodles in the pantry at all times.

    I’ve never thought about freezing spinach, but now I think I need to for smoothies. Great idea!

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