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    • Shelly DS says

      I completely agree with you~ throwing big words around doesn’t make you smarter, but speaking like a teen social media star won’t do much for you either.

  1. juliesblog55 says

    With regards to tone, as things move every more digital and remote, one might think tone becomes obsolete, NOT SO! More than once I have been admonished by ‘administration’ to mind my tone when sending emails, texting, or forwarding documents. As someone who considers myself “one of the nice guys”, I am always caught off guard by these reprimands. But it’s important to remember when sending correspondence that punctuation, CAPS, and word choice, to name a few, are the digital way in which we gauge one another’s mood and intent. Food for thought.

    • Shelly DS says

      Julie, you are absolutely right. I also think punctuation and tone can be misleading if readers are spread across the globe. I’ve had a boss that liked using red font, caps, underlining, bold, and highlighted text. I found it offensive but he saw it as a way to emphasise and highlight a point. Still rude in my books lol

  2. Helen says

    these are very good tips! As someone who often speaks too fast without thinking, I have had to learn this the hard way. I have to often remind myself to speak slowly and clearly and not use informal words like ‘stuff’ and ‘thingy’ lol 🙂 We should speak according to the context that we find ourselves in always. That is why EQ plays a big part. Being smart is not just what you know but how you deal with people. I see that a lot of successful people are successful not because they have a high IQ but because they know HOW to interact with people. Most successful people I think are of average or maybe even slightly below average IQ but they are making it because they can deal with people well

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks Helen. I appreciate your feedback. EQ is very, very important when it comes to intelligence. I disagree heavily with the concept of just being book smart or knowing how to solve equations. That is not what helps you live a successful life.

  3. Dacia says

    I, personally, think reading can make us smarter and when we are smarter, we automatically sound smarter. Then again that just may be me and my love of words. Honestly I love reading through SAT Words and learning how to use them properly.


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