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  1. Olivia says

    My personal least favourite deadly phrases – “When are you having a baby” or “How come you are single” 😐 I really hate the pressure that society puts on women, like were only here to get married and have children. Particularly the baby one really annoys me, because you don’t know what that woman or couple have been going through. They could have had 5 miscarriages, they could just not want kids right now or ever. Its really none of anybodies business.

    Now I’m on a rant too 😂

  2. nirajshah2003 says

    Hearing the words “Relax, it’s not that serious” is what puts women off opening up about their feelings when they are feeling a bit low or something. We all need to think before we speak, don’t underestimate the power of words and if you are not careful, your words can really hurt someone else!

    • Shelly DS says

      Yes exactly! Thanks for sharing, Niraj. Please also pass on the word to your male friends so that they don’t make this mistake and risk being bitten alive 😀

  3. Delicate and brutal says

    So many of these invalidate our feelings. Anything along the lines of “Calm down” or “Don’t get so worked up” automatically increases my saltiness 😄 It also bugs me when asked “Did you pick out my clothes for work tomorrow?” or “Did you wash my laundry yet?” Let me stop before I go on a rant 😂

  4. Helen says

    Great list… my favorite on it is “relax, it’s not that serious”… just saying it indicates that it really was serious and shows a lack of insight and forethought in the person’s emotions.

  5. Josephine Nerissa Leão Panzo says

    Sometimes I wonder if they actually really can’t tell that these questions are annoying/offensive or if they just pretend to not know!

    • Shelly DS says

      So you mean to say that the men aren’t oblivious just stupid? Lol your words not mine 😛 but I agree, sometimes the level of annoying is too dumbfounding to be real!

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