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  1. imifarm says

    Congratulations on 6 months Shelly. I loved reading about your blogging journey and even took a look back at your earlier blogs and it shows what an amazing growth/development Growing With Spawn has been. Looking forward to many more blogs and watching your blog grow <3

  2. Helen says

    Thanks for sharing!! While I agree with your points, I have to disagree with the pinterest. I personally like to go on pinterest to be inspired, to be motivated, and to find things to improve my mental health. In fact, I have a pinterest board for that topic. But I do agree that twitter and instagram are definitely a better fit for engaging with your followers & getting to know them.
    I sympathize with the ad. I have ads on my blog and the wordads don’t generate much income, unless you have like a million views or so. There are other ad programs out there. Have you tried any others? I know there is mediavine which is supposed to be really good but you need like 25K visitors a month ..
    Also I am glad that your blog has evolved from parenting/mommy blog to a mental health/lifestyle blog. Also even though your blog isn’t about parenting, I still love your blog name ‘growing with spawn.’ It’s different and unique and memorable, which is an important criteria for a blog name.

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks Helen, I really appreciate your feedback 😊 So glad we’re connected and I get to enjoy your blog too!
      Geez what is it about Pinterest that I’m doing wrong? I basically get negative views from there 😅
      As for the ad programmes, I tried media. Net and it wasn’t too bad. Then I tried Adsense and fell in love.

      • Helen says

        Thanks I’m glad that I found your blog. I enjoy reading it.
        I’m no pinterest expert and I don’t get a lot of views from there. I might get one or two a day every once in awhile. I’ve heard that with pinterest it does take time — even 3-4 months until you start seeing results. Another blogger (can’t remember) told me to just be patient and that the results will come in the long term…
        But I think as long as you create attractive looking pins, use hashtags, create at least 5 per post, and are actively using the site, then eventually you should get some views. But that is my hope at the moment as I haven’t had a tremendous amount of success yet.
        As for the ads, I will look into media.net and adsense.
        Do you use or have you used multiple ad platforms at the same time?

      • Shelly DS says

        Thanks for sharing! I’ll give it another go but with a scheduling app because there is no way I’m gonna create pins every day!!
        As for the ads, yep. Over blogmas there was a week or so that I had Adsense, Wordads and media .net ads on there all at one. It was messy but I was experimenting to see which would bring the best results (dumb way to try it) and Adsense won. I’ve temporarily removed all ads from my page though 😂

      • Helen says

        Awesome, good to know, thank you for sharing. I will give adsense a try.
        Yeah it’s a lot of work to create pins. At one point I was spending a few hours trying to create 5 pins or so but it’s a lot. Now I’m lucky if I can create just one pin a day 🙂

  3. Calluna’s World says

    This was such an interesting read, you’ve done well to learn so much in such a small space of time. I only discovered SEO last year which was 2 years into my blogging journey! 🙈 Thank you for sharing ❤️

  4. Olivia says

    You made it 🥳 some really good advice in there Shelly. You’re so spot on with all of your points, and they are all things I feel like we have learnt together on your blogging journey. So proud of you and your blog and the work you put into it whilst balancing everything else in life.

    GO GIRL💖

  5. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    I have learned so much. I think the thing I’m proudest of is what I’ve learned about design from using Canva. I’ve made some really cool printables and images that I would never have thought possible.

    I have stuck with Pinterest and definitely see traffic from it. More than Twitter and Instagram combined honestly. I’ll stick with Twitter because it’s how I engage with the blogging community. Seriously considering dropping Insta because I get little engagement and virtually no traffic.

  6. Shahrin says

    First of all —Congratulations my darling on this 6 months journey✨💕

    I love the way you share the little tips and tricks you picked up along the blogging journey, it’s truly helpful. Besides, you have learned so much about blogging in 6 months than I have done in 3 years🙈🙈😬

    I am still figuring out SEO —God help me!

    • Shelly DS says

      Haha thanks hun! I’m sure you know a whole lot more from your 3 year journey. SEO is actually not such a big monster, it’s just not common sense. That’s the part that shocked me actually 😅 What are you struggling about?

      • Shahrin says

        Everything😂But it mostly because I created this idea for SEO and I can’t seem undo it. I feel I should research properly and stop procrastinating. xx

  7. LoseWeightWithAng says

    Great job reaching 6 months, here’s to many more!

    One thing I’ve learned with my first 4 months now is that you can implement all of the advice you get and still it takes a long time to grow. I hate it 😅

  8. Tim A. O'Connor says

    You made a lot of good points. Thank you. It is overwhelming when you receive emails from others you follow and people start following you and contribute comments. It was so moving to me to see so many good people around the world communicate with one another through comments and connecting through awards and partnerships. I really needed to see that in 2020. I actually prefer commenting to posting, which was totally unexpected. Take care and be safe.

  9. Markus + Micah says

    Congratulations! It feels longer than six months, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing your reflections on growth and the future. Will be cheering for you as you go on!

  10. Amethyst says

    It’s nice reading about your blogging journey and insights within. Congrats for making it to 6 months.🎉 I look forward to reading a lot more of your posts. 😊

  11. Rochelle | Adventuresfromelle says

    My blogging journey has been 2 years with the free .wordpress.com site because my student budget didn’t give me any wiggle room to purchase a plan, then just before I started working I chose a premium theme, which served me for 2 years. Now, I’m in the process of switching to .org to be able to monetize further, take SEO more seriously etc. It seems every 2 years is when I make blog changes, ha.

  12. PoojaG says

    I can definitely relate since all these things have changed for my blog as well over time. Congratulations on six months of blogging and this may just be me being selfish because I love your posts but I hope you keep blogging for a very long time!

  13. mindbeautysimplicity says

    Congrats on 6 months!! 😊
    I’m with you, Pinterest was not for me. I actually hate making pins. I’ll just go on there for my own personal use. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for you and your blog 💕🙌🏻

  14. gdany0754 says

    I fully agree with you about Pinterest, especially is your niche is different.
    I love Pinterest, I’m doing my best with the Pins , but today is more easy to get more likes and followers

  15. AM_writer says

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  16. Candy Keane | Geek Mamas says

    I am not really a Pinterest fan as well. Just a note of caution on the Business Plan – if you choose to downgrade, your blog will revert back to the day you upgraded. All your posts will be there, but any customization will be lost. And things also get a little weird. I just did this and after a few years on the Business Plan, I downgraded back to Premium. The $300 a year wasn’t worth it when I was basically just using it for the plug-ins like Yoast. I’m still finding weird links and old posts that had been redirected. So make sure you want to keep the business plan before making a lot of changes with it.

    • Shelly DS says

      Oh gosh that’s horrible! You’re the second person who has told me that and now I’m worried 😖 I guess I’ll switch from business to self hosted when I’m tired of this plan 🙈
      Thanks for sharing! 💖

      • Candy Keane | Geek Mamas says

        That’s a good plan! If I had known it would be such a pain, I’d have just made the move to self-hosted instead of downgrading. I was trying to avoid all the hassle and got it anyway lol.


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