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  1. jgatt13 says

    Some of these ‘weird things’ had me in hysterics! thanks for yet another fantastic and real post!

  2. Dee2daMoa says

    Hahahahaha, totally relatable!!! Always comforting to know that I’m not the only one who sometimes feels like I’m parenting an alien!

  3. PoojaG says

    Really great post! I’m not a parent but I can imagine just how much your life will change after having kids. I love that you joined a mommy and me class because I’m sure it helps a lot to talk to people who are going through the same/similar stuff.

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks Pooja! The mommy and me class really did help put things into perspective, but I remember thinking “why are these strangers asking to hold my baby” and never returning LOL I did join another one shortly after which was more stimulatory for Gabby and I now recommend it to anyone who has kids.

  4. The Snow Melts Somewhere says

    Hahah, such a fun read 😀 That first one is me 100%: I was such a germaphobe and now I’m just like “Oh well, they need to be exposed to germs in order to build up resistance – licking shoes is good for them!” And if I cooked something for my twins during my very sparse free time, I’m definitely picking it up from the floor and putting it back on their plates if they drop it on the floor!!!!

  5. Charlotte Petit Noble says

    It reminds a lot of nice memories. I see you are a fan of Mel Robbins <3 Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. bethblogger123 says

    100% accurate! Not to scare any soon-to-be mommies out there, but it’s all true! Thanks for the walk down memory lane which reminded me why I’m so happy to have a 18 and 16 year old children! :0)

  7. Suzanne says

    Ha – what a great list! The privacy thing really hit me. It is SO TRUE and remains fairly true even now that my kiddo is seven. You can certainly wait FIVE MINUTES until I come out of the bathroom to tell me all about the latest episode of Liv and Maddy, right?!?!

    • Shelly DS says

      OMG your little one sounds so adorably annoying! I was hoping you would’ve told me that it passes fairly soon, but if you’re still on that track, then I guess I will prepare for me time when she goes to university!

  8. Stephanie says

    Great post. I think the part where your husband isn’t the most important person anymore is such a dynamic change in the household you could write a whole book on it lol! Also the bathroom privacy is one of those things moms know all about and dads no nothing about.

  9. justmommyingja says

    Omg yes yes and yes to all of these!! Especially 2, 5 & 6!! What is personal space when you have a toddler literally right behind you every step you make?? Sometimes I don’t realise she’s right there and end up tripping on her 🤣🤣 And what is it about tearing off the toilet paper that they love so much!!

  10. Helen says

    Great post. I definitely think that society doesn’t tell you what really happens when you become a mom. A lot of the negative parts are brushed under the radar

  11. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    Ha ha. Yes to all of these, especially the 5-second rule. My father-in-law always said “a little dirt never hurt” and I think he may have been right.

    The other weird thing is no-one pays any attention to you any more. Life becomes all about your child(ren) and what they’re doing.

  12. petespringerauthor says

    The five second rule falls into that category of parent loopholes where we can justify anything we do with escape clauses.🤣

  13. Jay-lyn Doerksen says

    I remember a mom coming through my till with a cart full of sanitizer wipes and floor sanitizer cleaners etc. I looked at her and asked if it was spring cleaning or fall cleaning? I cannot remember. What I do recall is her saying no it was to keep her home sanitized so her son did not get any germs or eat anything dirty. Very casually I mentioned that I had been similar with my son when he was born but eventually you realize they learn their world through touch and smell and taste to start with. Eating a little dirt never killed anyone. As I was saying this her son was picking his nose and shoveling it into his mouth lol 🙂

  14. Anonymous says

    Weird things happen alright and they last a life time but all worth it in the end. Normal is never quite the same. Nice Shelly❣️❣️❣️


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