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  1. chasingthemaximumlife says

    This was such a lovely post and thanks for sharing such amazing tips dear. Also I’m really sorry I haven’t been active on WP much but I had lots to do and now I’m definitely gonna get back soon. So sorry about that. Lots of love and great post. 🤗🥰💖

  2. envirolineblog says

    I started tracking my water intake about a year ago and I still don’t drink enough – it’s kinda crazy how I thought I was drinking a good amount and I’m just not. I really gotta improve this, my skin is especially bad at the moment. I’m also bad at taking my make up off – I rarely wear any and when I do it’s just a little bit of concealer so I normally just ignore it which I really shoudln’t. Thank you for these tips x

    • Shelly DS says

      You’re not the only one who isn’t drinking enough water. I think the guidelines aren’t always right about it either, for example it is boiling hot where I live and I sweat so much that 2 litres just isn’t enough. A tip I had seen before was to use a bottle and label it by hour. That way you keep going consistently instead of trying to chug a gallon in one go 😉

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha you’re always the one to make me smile! Just spot test it please? I wouldn’t want you to discover an allergy by having your whole face swell up 😅

  3. Happy Panda says

    I love oatmeal scrubs and I add honey to make the scrub even more fun! It works wonders to get rid of the dead skin. 😊
    These are such great tips!! Everytime I cut down on my sugar/oily food consumption my skin thanks me by being at its best behaviour. 😂

  4. Calluna’s World says

    Great tips and great post 😄 I love the tip about finding a face mask in the fridge. I’m always raiding our cupboards and fridge for things to mix together and put on my face! Honey and lemon is a personal favourite 😄

  5. imifarm says

    Felt like this post was written just for me! haha! I also don’t know where the myth that life slows down at this time of year came from?! xxx


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