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  1. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    Wow. That is really insightful. Thanks Shelly and Nuno.

    “Even though all of these actions and situations are small, and seem insignificant, they still have weight.”

    I’ve been working on a post for International Women’s Day and this really sums up a lot of what I was thinking as I wrote.

  2. Happy Panda says

    First, I love this series idea – writing whatever your heart wants! 🙂

    Second – it is so nice to know a man’s perspective and that too such a positive one. Not a lot of men are very considerate about what women go through. With a lot of my close friends also – I’ve had disagreements because asking for equality for women to them just feels like women are asking for “special treatment”. *sigh*

    That rape case in India happened in my city when I was in college and on the same bus route I used to take to college. I was terrified of taking the bus for months after that.

    Great post – looking forward to reading more posts by your hubby! 🙂

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks hun! He will def be back with some more wisdom. I just have to find the right bribe!😅

      Funny enough, the no structure vibe is basically what my blog was meant to be, but somewhere along the lines it morphed into what it is today.

      Gosh that’s such a scary experience and to have to actually continue to live life as though nothing happened… 😖 no human can do that! Have you overcome it now?

  3. Jay-lyn Doerksen says

    Your husband is marvelous Shelly. For a man who says he knows not what it means to be a woman he knows what it means to not be a woman. And being aware of that has made him see the world through different eyes. 🙂

  4. Cindy Georgakas says

    Great collaborations both of you!
    Loved this line which is so true and sensitive:
    ” To do what I can to lift the burden even if it’s just a pebble. But this is something I cannot do alone, this is the weight of the world after all, and that’s the point. The weight of the world becomes easier to carry when we’re all lifting together*. 👏👏👏👏

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks Cindy! 💖 It’s so true yet nearly impossible to achieve. I look at things like the OPEC+ agreement and see that people are capable of working together, but will we ever? What I loved about this post was that he didn’t pretend to know how it feels, but acknowledged that things are different for men and women.

  5. K E Garland says

    Exactly. I just wrote something about empathy, and what your husband wrote shows what it can look like. You may not always understand what someone is going through, but you can try and also explicitly work toward not adding to the burden.

  6. Bolaji Gelax says

    “The weight of the world becomes easier to carry when we’re all lifting together”. 💯👏

    This was such a beautiful read.


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