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Welcome to Blogmas 2020

It’s Blogmas season! We have finally come to the end of the year and that means that Christmas is literally around the corner! Ok not literally, because that would be a little weird and would mean that it was a person or a tangible object. As this is my first year as a blogger, my dear friend and fellow blogger Olivia pretty much convinced … Read More Welcome to Blogmas 2020

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Let’s get real…

I don’t usually post on Sundays, but today is not a normal day… Nothing has really changed in life and yet I am feeling more anxious and irritable. There aren’t any things going ‘wrong’ for these emotions to have arisen, but I suppose the things that aren’t going ‘right’ have gotten to me more than I realised. It’s a little selfish to be thinking … Read More Let’s get real…


5 Ways boost your productivity working from home

It’s been a very stressful day at work and your colleagues were frustrating you. Your clients were also upset about a particular issue. To top it off your productivity is down and your boss just kept piling on the work. It’s almost as though he wasn’t aware of what was going on! You started your work day quite early and it seems like you’ll … Read More 5 Ways boost your productivity working from home


Why I will no longer be ‘sharenting’

Those of you who have either been around since the beginning of Growing With Spawn (which really wasn’t that long ago) or have dug into the archives will know that this blog has evolved quite a bit in the past 6 months. One major change is that I no longer share as much content about Spawn as I used to, although I do still … Read More Why I will no longer be ‘sharenting’


What’s with the engagement ring?

I was listening to a breakfast show on the radio just the other day (as I went long drive with my daughter) and the topic of conversation was rather interesting – engagement rings. What I found particularly intriguing was the debate on whether or not men should consult their girlfriends on the ring they intend on proposing with or if it should just be … Read More What’s with the engagement ring?


Good Morning!

Well hello there! It’s a bright sunny Saturday in South Africa and this got me thinking. Usually, the first thing I do in the morning is check my phone for any messages, check the notifications on my wordpress app, then hop out of bed to start my day. Today was a little different as I used the first few minutes to just lay in … Read More Good Morning!



Dear husband, I never promised you a rose garden, but that is what you got; a botanical beauty tarnished by its prickly thorns. Beautiful and desirable from afar but hurt and defensive, harmful to the touch. You felt the thorns from the beginning, cutting straight to your veins, but you decided to stay. I never promised you the stars, but that is what you … Read More Kintsugi


Blogger Recognition Award

Hi friends, I am very grateful for all of the support and encouragement throughout this blogging journey. After just 4 months of learning the ropes, I have poured my heart out to you and made some wonderful connections in the process. Part of this support has come through featured posts, shout outs and blog award nominations which i will dive into over the next … Read More Blogger Recognition Award


Lies ‘they’ told you

Hey there friends! With this little toddler doing more and more crazy things that are leaving me missing my younger days, I found myself thinking about all the sayings my mother told me to either to stop me from doing something or to calm my crying “Brooke Logan” self down. We’ll discuss the white lies parents tell their kids on another day, but for … Read More Lies ‘they’ told you


My Experience with Micro-Blading

When you walk into a room, your eyes are drawn to the feature piece… It could be the fireplace or a feature wall, but there is almost always something that definitely draws attention. Once your eyes linger for a little while, you’ll then notice the curtains that either frame the windows dramatically or make a statement on their own. The best curtains are usually … Read More My Experience with Micro-Blading


The Lockdown Tag

Guys, can you believe that it is already August? Where has time gone! This year has been quite a hectic one for me, but thanks to COVID-19, I have found this lovely new hobby (blogging). It has been such a rollercoaster year have met some very nice people. It’s crazy to say that I have been connecting more with my new blogging family than … Read More The Lockdown Tag


Why We Chose to Send Our Child Back to School During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Once again in the spirit of sharing information during this pandemic, I thought it would be a great idea to share something controversial with you; our little girl has gone back to school. I see that raised eyebrow but don’t worry, we did our research and spent quite a bit of time debating it before making the decision. If you’ve read my Covid-19 Journals, … Read More Why We Chose to Send Our Child Back to School During the COVID-19 Pandemic