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How to tell if your friend has an eating disorder

As we slowly get out of lockdown mode and move back to whatever normal may look like, there is one big elephant in the room that will be hard too ignore; weight gain and ultimately, eating disorders. A lot of people started off strong with at home workouts. Some even started new eating plans and everything under the sun that would guarantee a healthy … Read More How to tell if your friend has an eating disorder


Are you having a threesome?

I know you don’t want anyone to know about it but don’t worry this is a safe place, no one will judge you. We’ve actually all done it before – yes, all of us. I started having a threesome quite soon after getting married actually. My husband is very open and tends to encourage it when he wants to be alone in his own … Read More Are you having a threesome?


5 Life lessons I have learnt from blogging

Guest Post Hi all! I am Niraj from Niraj’s blogs, and I am delighted to do this collab with Shelly. In this blog post, I am going to talk about 5 things I have learnt from blogging. To give a bit of a background, I started blogging in March 2019 and have been regularly blogging since June of this year. Not only has it … Read More 5 Life lessons I have learnt from blogging


When the lights turn off

It doesn’t matter how stunning you looked in the face of the world. You could’ve been photographed by a stranger and deemed the most presentable. The kids can gaze in awe, hoping to one day be like you- but none of that matters. What I care about is how you feel when the camera turns off. It doesn’t matter if your crush has finally … Read More When the lights turn off


Hi friends, Today’s post will be slightly different partly because I’m on leave and feel like having an informal sit down but also because I am doing something right now that I think can benefit us all. It was mental health week at some point this year, but I’m sure you can guess by the fact I don’t quite remember the dates how little … Read More Positivity


Accepting Grief: Letting Go

It took quite a while to finally close off the Accepting Grief series, but I think that after years of working on my emotional health, I am ready to finally let go. My mother was my best friend, my hero, my better half, but she has been gone for about fifteen years now and I need to let her go. I’ve been playing with … Read More Accepting Grief: Letting Go

The Climb

Hi Friends, It seems as though the more things go back to normal in the world and the busier we get, we need more motivation to get through our days. I can’t write poetry and am not in a place to be sharing positive words, so for today I will just leave you with the below ‘borrowed’ words and music video to brighten up … Read More The Climb

It will all be ok

Hi there. This wasn’t the post for today, but it didn’t seem fitting to be posting about eyebrows at this specific moment. I’m not sure who needs to hear this, but if you are going through something right now, it will end. Remember that that no matter what you are going through, everything will be ok eventually. When you come to the end of … Read More It will all be ok


Blogging and it’s 5 Unhealthy side effects

If you are on this page, you are most likely already familiar with what a blog is. But if you still aren’t sure, let me clarify it for you. A blog is a website (or portion of one) that crazy people put together to overcome boredom or justify their opinions. Blogging is for crazy people. Now, you’re probably wondering if that means that I … Read More Blogging and it’s 5 Unhealthy side effects


Accepting grief: To my old friend, time…

Dear old friend, I have known you for quite a while now – decades even – yet it still feels as though I don’t fully understand you. When we were younger you seemed to move very slowly, emphasising each minute of the day because you were learning the ropes as well. We walked hand in hand for several years, best friends bound by fate. … Read More Accepting grief: To my old friend, time…


Accepting grief: Breaking the cycle

“Gabby, what are you doing? Listen to me, we need to get you help because this is going to kill you…” “Mama, leave me alone. You don’t understand, no one does!”  I wish I had the courage to tell her that I did understand, that I was living through the very same nightmare. Not only did I fail to break the cycle, I had … Read More Accepting grief: Breaking the cycle


Accepting Grief: I’m obsessed with you…

Hey. Hey you. I see you looking back at me with uncertainty and even confusion but please relax, I just want to talk. You’ve had a rough week at work but you need to be kind to yourself. Everything you experienced was out of your control and does not reflect on you or your abilities. There are still five months for you to figure … Read More Accepting Grief: I’m obsessed with you…