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  1. beth says

    i’m all for people celebrating holidays in any way they please, here, in the northern u.s., in michigan, it is almost always cold and snowy, do the holiday fits well with that. i love the fun and magic of all holidays and celebrate that way as well. a very wonderful christmas, to you and your loved ones.

  2. LoseWeightWithAng says

    I’m big on the lights and decorations, but that’s my favourite thing about the holidays. Otherwise, the only tradition I have is having my parents over for dinner. It isn’t much but I always look forward to it.

  3. Olivia says

    Christmas in my home is pretty traditional. Although I was brought up believing in Santa, I agree that when I have kids I don’t know if I will tell my kids about Santa or not. As a child I loved Christmas because of the magic and as soon as I realised he wasn’t real, Christmas wasn’t as fun. So I get why people do it. But I think it takes away the importance and the real reason for the season.

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks for sharing! It’s interesting to hear that you were raised to believe in Santa but don’t want him a part of your future Christmas! I do get why though 😉

  4. Elle says

    Hahaha I enjoyed reading this. Because we too don’t follow certain traditions on your list, but we also love decorating, and giving gifts and spending time with the family. I think those traditions are the only things that keep me from enjoying Christmas every year. 🙂 Thank you for sharing this, Shelly!

  5. Calluna’s World says

    The whole Santa thing seems so exhausting to keep up with 😂 I don’t have children yet, but I do plan on doing the whole Santa thing with them as I was brought up with the idea of Santa and it was always very magical. I can already see myself slipping up a few times 😂 Like how do you explain gifts under the tree prior to Christmas!? And the fact that every single Santa impersonator looks different. Maybe I’m just overthinking it 😅

    Great post, it’s always nice to read about how other families celebrate Christmas. Really interesting to read about how mistletoe became a tradition too!

    Merry Christmas ❤️

    • Shelly DS says

      OMG you’re so right! I hadn’t even thought about how the kids are expected to believe in Santa if the gifts are already there haha! Thanks for adding a bit of humour to my day 🙂
      Merry Christmas! 😘

  6. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    Ha ha. I am 100% with you about Elf on a Shelf. I just don’t get it. As for Santa, let’s agree to disagree on that one. I’m ambivalent about mistletoe so I think we’re even.

    Seriously though, no one has the right to diss anyone’s traditions. Like everything in life, we’re all free to pick and choose things that work for us.

    One Christmas tradition I will miss this year is Christmas Mass. I sang in our church choir for years and I absolutedly loved Christmas…mainly because of the music. I will have to settle for watching Christmas Mass on TV this year and hope we can return to church, and singing, in 2021.

  7. Introverted Thoughts says

    I love the way you write 😂 To be honest, I never quite considered them as ‘traditions’, they were more like beliefs and just basically elements that strengthened Christmas. I do believe in Santa even though I’m old enough to know he doesn’t exist 😂 but he’s a symbol of kindness and joy and not exactly a stranger.
    Lovely post! I enjoyed reading your take!

  8. The Caffeinated Powerhouse says

    Got a giggle out of the ‘Santa who?’ Portion. Jamaicans don’t teach our children about Santa. Aht! Aht! You will know mommy and daddy works hard and buys you these things with our money because we love you. No way we giving that credit to some mystical man up a chimney. 😂🤣

  9. Eromonsele Emmanuel says

    Growing up, I didn’t believe in Santa too, or leaving my tooth or whatever under pillows or trees. But, it was fun seeing this men in red outfits with artificial beards that didn’t always fit. 🤣

    I guess that’s what made it fun, no kissing tho that’s weird. I must confess, I cried the first time I sat on a Santa’s lap. 😅

  10. Delicate and brutal says

    I always found elf on the shelf annoying. The idea that 1. It has to be moved every night would stress me out. Like I would need one more thing to do every day.🙄 2. Using this elf as a method to try to get your kid to be good or behave in exchange for Santa bringing gifts is absurd. 3. It’s become too much about parents competing over creating “elf displays” on social media. Ok rant over 😅

    • Shelly DS says

      LOL is that how it works? I just assumed it was decorative, I didn’t realise it was supposed to be a “elf is watching so be good” kind of thing! Now it sounds even sillier to me! lol

  11. envirolineblog says

    In my head, I like to still believe Santa is real even tho he obviously isn’t! I’ve never really understood the whole elf on a shelf thing – I think it became trendy when I was a bit out of it x

  12. Ruchi says

    Merry Christmas and yes I had a good laugh on how you debunked the myths. Actually, movies Netflix etc just add on so much hocus pocus which is never actually followed


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