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  1. Eromonsele Emmanuel says

    This is good Shelly and the kind of content I like to see since I’m still in the dating phase (currently not in a relationship tho) LOL!

    Lucie is so beautiful by the way and yes! I agree with a huge chunk of what she’s saying, dating is different across the world!

    In Nigeria for instance, most people date through physical contact and before you approach a lady, you must look really really good, nice shoes, smells, clothing at least for the first fre times. Only a few relationships kick off on dating apps or DMs. It’s not so interwoven in our culture yet.

    Again, men always pay the bills and it’s funny because ladies may come along with their friends for a date, then you have to feed all of em. 😂😂😂

    Just have money, good charisma and be serious about relationships to date successfully in Nigeria. At least that’s what I know from my little experience in the field.


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