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  1. Markus + Micah says

    So much love for this post. Really appreciate how you added me-time – super easy to forget, especially for mothers or women who run the household. And working from home to add to that. Honestly, it is a wonder how we are all still standing. This year, ugh!

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha I never know if it’s Micah or Markus posting, but I’ll assume it’s Micah 😉 Thanks so much for showing love! Honestly I don’t know how stay at home moms do it… this period has been enough to drive me insane!! Don’t rush to have kids, especially during this pandemic lol

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks Beth. So much easier to put in writing than in practices to be honest… Especially the waking up early part thanks to toddler sleep regressions! You’re so lucky to have passed this phase already 🙂

  2. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    You’re right. As parents we need to carve out time to look after ourselves. I started getting up really early in the morning to work out when my kids were small. They’re not small any more but it’s a habit that I’ve stuck with.

  3. PoojaG says

    Really enjoyed the post and the perspective of the other mothers! I’m not a parent but I have found doing some exercise every day has been really helpful since I don’t go out much.

  4. Olivia says

    Thank you for these tips, its interesting to see how lockdown has effected various people differently, especially parents. For me, being a single 25 year old with no children I saw it as a luxury of sort. No more getting up early to commute (I now commute to my office which is at the end of my bed lol) no more train expenses to get into the city to get to work and many others. Whereas those with children, im sure it was more of a challenge. Thinking about child care, how you will work whilst trying to keep your children entertained. I take my hat off to parents who have gone through this with most of their sanity left!

    • Shelly DS says

      Yeah, it has been really rough to say the least… I actually decided to send my little one back to school! In my defence though, we’ve already had covid so we aren’t afraid anymore. You are super lucky to have this time, just don’t be like me and gain all the weight in the world … walking to and from the fridge is NOT exercise 😉

      • Olivia says

        Yes I remember reading your post about having Covid. I guess that makes it an easier decision for you to do that!
        Oh, too late lol I already did 🤪


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