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  1. Happy Panda says

    I worked from home between March-June before heading back to office. I LOVED the first few months of WFH – March & April were really exciting since I suddenly had so much extra time to myself. But I soon got bored and craved going to office, craved just leaving home and seeing different people. I still WFH once a week but I actually prefer going to office since it is FAR more productive for me and far lesser distractions.

    I hope you’re able to adjust back in office – I know it must be hard to be away from your daughter. <3

    • Shelly DS says

      Wow that’s interesting! I would’ve thought you’d be on team “work from home” since you write. It’s such a weird thing, but I assume all writers like to be alone lol
      Glad you’re happy with your new normal!

  2. Poorwa Vishwakarma says

    Same as you, my thoughts are unclear and mixed on this topic. When the lockdown started I actually didn’t feel that bad about it, I was having fun because I was completely free. Then I was getting worried about the situation, I just hated the online classes and prayed for the normal days to come back. But now when my school has opened and everyone is going to job, I don’t know… I’m happy that it’s getting back to normal but a little bit sad too that my free time has passed.

  3. beth says

    I can certainly understand your mixed feelings. I left my classroom to work from home last march, and returned in the fall. it was certainly an adjustment to say the least

  4. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    Weโ€™re still a few months away from returning to the office. Before the pandemic, I worked 3 days a week at home and that was a really good balance for me. Depending on what the return will look like, the things I liked about being in the office (casual conversations, in-person meetings, lunch with co-workers) may be limited at least initially. I suppose Iโ€™ll decide how I really feel when it happens.

    • Shelly DS says

      I like your wait and see approach. My struggle is the change… it was a weird switch starting to work from home full-time, and now things are being shaken up again. Change is good, but I don’t like it.
      Enjoy your time working from home while you still have it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Suzanne says

    I know it’s NOT the same, but this reminds me of the complex mix of emotions I felt after returning to work from maternity leave. I feel like going through that at least gives me a window into understanding how complicated your feelings are. There are so many unexpected advantages to being forced to be home, and it will be hard to give those up. I think it will be an adjustment, but you WILL adjust… and probably relish some of the in-office benefits more now that you’ve been deprived of them. And hopefully, having had your eyes opened to the benefits of working at home, you’ll be able to prioritize better and maybe even find ways to bring over some of those advantages into your office life. Good luck!

    • Shelly DS says

      Girl, it’s exactly the same! I felt this way after maternity leave and actually conisdered quitting my job because I was devastated to have to leave what became a new norm. Well, my husband wasn’t having me quit, so I went back and adjusted. You are absolutely right, we just have to adapt, so I will. It’s just nervewracking at the moment but I’m sure after a couple of weeks things will feel normal-ish again. Thanks for the love <3

  6. Suzanne- Happily Decluttered says

    Good luck! I understand your mixed feelings. There will be benefits as well as disadvantages. Try to focus on the positive. I hope it is a smooth transition for you. ๐ŸคžI’ll be sending happy thoughts your way.

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks hun, I really need all the positivity I can get! After a month or so it won’t really matter much, but for now it’s the initial emotional hurdle that I’m struggling with ๐Ÿ™

  7. Rochelle | Adventuresfromelle says

    I’m not sure why I didn’t know you were based in SA before even though I regularly read your content. I hope returning to the office goes smoothly for you, and dang! I hope no one mentions the 8kg. I gained 5kg and I got so tired of the comments! Busy trying to lose it back.. even took out my first gym membership this week. We’ll see how it goes. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shelly DS says

      Lol where did you think I was based? I think a lot of people think I live in Nigeria or the US even though I have never been to either of those places lol. Girl, the weight gain was inevitable. People need to mind their own business and just be glad that you’re alive!

  8. missybeelondon says

    What’s the covid data where you are?
    How many face masks do you have?
    As more businesses open back from the end of March and in April, I’m hoping their will be more jobs opportunities available.

    • Shelly DS says

      Umm… I’m not sure. I stopped tracking it when we hit 1mio cases because I caught it and kinda got over it. As for masks, we use the reusable ones but our office does give out the disposable ones upon arrival.
      There will definitely be more jobs available as life goes back to normal. The global economy is expected to be at about 3-4% this year, plus the price of a barrel of oil has shot up to $68 or so… of course that’s related to the snow storms in Texas and OPEC+ production controls but I also see it as a sign of increasing demand.

  9. somdattadeb says

    I am so used to working from home, I am sure when I’ll go back to office it’ll never be same. I’ll be anxious, am I forgetting anything? I’ll need GPS because I may forgot my usual route.

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahahah I love this! I literally had a laughing fit at your GPS comment because I said the exact same thing to my husband earlier today! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. nirajshah2003 says

    I can understand you having mixed emotions, and a lot of people will after WFH from a year. I am personally very excited to go back to the office (only 2 weeks now!), and one of the reasons is the same as yours, in that it would help me with routine and having face to face interaction is better for my long term growth

  11. Amethyst says

    xoxo Shelly. I was the same when I got the call out to work. I still miss the time I had at home. Time for myself, my blog, my partner, to do projects and control my time basically. I was dreading the call but grateful as well because I needed an income.
    It was a rollercoaster of emotions. The anxiety with moving among others during a pandemic, wearing those suffocating masks, worrying about strangers coughing or sneezing while commuting and trying to fit my tasks into my new work schedule felt daunting.
    Despite that I am now back to my early wake up routine and loving it, I love waking up early and having that quiet time for myself. I enjoy reading during my commute or listening to a podcast. I am still figuring out how to fit my blog and other creative endeavours into my routine. Taking a break from blogging has helped to reduce some of my stress. My only suggestions is to take it easy and be graceful with yourself during this transition. It is a big deal.
    I hope you find some joys in being back in the office.

    • Shelly DS says

      Glad you settled in, hun! Routine really does benefit us in the long run, so Iโ€™m sure youโ€™ll find a way to make your blog fit into your busy life ๐Ÿ˜… Iโ€™m also working on that ๐Ÿ™ˆ

  12. Dacia says

    I know just how you feel in the anxiety department! Life is returning to normal beginning with an appointment that had me knotted up at just the thought of being out in public. I know that actually doing this is probably what I need to dispel the anxiety, but itโ€™s still a big step for me to take.


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