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  1. Manisha Reddy says

    Nice post Shelly 🙂
    Do a little bit every so often, I can relate to it.
    Especially when I declutter the house, I follow this.
    I prefer to get the important tasks out of the way first.
    I procrastinate sometimes when I feel sometimes lazy and I will make sure that those tasks does not need my immediate attention.

  2. imifarm says

    I’m definetely a natural procrastinator. Procrastination has got a bad rep, defining you as lasy, when actually it’s not about being lazy at all!
    Really great tips here and some I recognised from recent time management training I had – doing bits in small chunks/just making a start on something. X

    • Shelly DS says

      Exactly! Such a bad misconception, but I would say procrastinators are actually smart workers! Imagine all the fun we have on top of getting things done! lol
      Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Calluna’s World says

    This is the post I needed to see! Great tips! I procrastinate so much, but then one day I’ll have this big burst of energy and get so much done in such a small space of time. It leaves me feeling really satisfied and on top of everything. It’s strange but I love the build up and I work so much better under pressure. It also means I’m not too hard on myself when I have a few lazy days because I’ll know I’ll get it done ☺️

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha I absolutely know the feeling! It’s so hard to stay consistent if you are a natural procrastinator, but the biggest misconception people have is that we aren’t productive! 😀

  4. Jay-lyn Doerksen says

    It all depends on what I am procrastinating about as to the length of time. Going to the doctor for physical. Until I absolutely have to. I am a muller. In that my subconscious continues to work on it after I have turned my attention away. I am the woman who would write her essay the day before it was due and come out with an A while classmates who had toiled for weeks could have chased me with sticks lol
    Same with studying for tests/exams. I was always told if I were to use my time correctly getting it all out of the way I would not stress. Thing is I don’t stress. Eventually things come together. I think because this is how I am built mentally I know no other way. Just cannot imagine spending night after night studying. (As a teen) I read and wrote but none of it pertained to school. Another of my awful babbles Shelly. Slowly coming back into self I think. Have a great day. ::)

    • Shelly DS says

      I love your feedback Jay 😊 it warms my heart when you go into detail about how things are for you~ that’s what makes blogging so fun! You sound like an annoying teen though! Lol I could never pull it off if done last minute last minute 😅

      • Jay-lyn Doerksen says

        I am sure my friends could have killed me. And certain subjects like law and history I aced because I had an interest. And I also learned best by being an inactive listener. I only ever listened with half an ear. Maybe why my math grade sucked so bad lol

  5. LoseWeightWithAng says

    A lot of the work I need to do is on the computer so I have a bad habit of getting distracted by Youtube or reading blogs 😅 I do try to limit my time spend doing it though.

  6. m11bna says

    i ike your perspective on this….. i dont enjoy a task quite as much if its not been procastinated. The anxiety and the emotions involved make a procastinated project all the more worth it x

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha you are my kind of person! That’s brilliant! You’re so right about the added value when you take you sweet time~ I feel it too.
      Thanks for reading 💖

  7. seankfletcher says

    A very good post, Shelly. It all sounds so very familiar 😂 Depending on the situation, I will either do the mundane task first or what I like first. One thing I did learn a long time ago is to “eat that elephant” – so one bite at a time or bit by bit. Sometimes, procrastination is the right way to go. Doing nothing about something is actually healthy for the brain, as is being bored. The science is on this. I have been procrastinating on such a post re eating the elephant 🤣 Yes, I do so much in the mornings as it is not only my most favourite of the day (I like to see the sunrise), I get quite a bit down. Hence, I was always happy to be in the office hours before everyone else (and also find time to play the guitar too, while I ma at it).

  8. Jan says

    Cool post – just the title itself gave me a laugh! I’ve done my fair share of procrastination – still do!
    I must as a new working mom I’ve started to make every minute count. Like you, I try to give myself a little bit of procrastination time before I get on with it.
    Your tips are great! Thanks for sharing Shelly xx

  9. Lady B says

    I am definitely a natural procrastinator. I stress a lot from being this way, but always get the job done and done well. Maybe I need to work harder on some of your points to remove the stress factor because the procrastination is NEVER going away. I just put up Christmas decor over the past few days or so. I have to finish my upstairs tree because my boys are too lazy and I’m not okay with it being bare. LOL!

    • Shelly DS says

      Lol I don’t see you as a procrastinator at all but of course I don’t see you in real life. As long as the stress isn’t there, take your time 😊

      • Lady B says

        Oh, I just make sure the final product doesn’t reek of procrastination! LOL! I’m dealing with the stress part. I’m a work in progress.


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