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  1. Krisna says

    Shelly, you are an amazing writer and Im rooting for you and that book that one day will have Michelle Da Silva’s name on it. ✌️

    As a mom blogger, I couldn’t agree with #3 more! I mentioned it before — mom blogger means I am a mom first. So the needs of my family especially my baby comes first before the blog. I only write in the mornings when little one is still asleep or at night when he’s finally in bed. When he naps, then I do the chores. Otherwise, baby definitely got mama’s attention all day. 👩‍👦

    • Shelly DS says

      Gosh Krisna, every comment, message and wave you give really gives me the warm fuzzies! I’m glad you are spending lots of time with your peanut, they really do grow quickly and a blog will never give you the love your child will! He’s got a wonderful mom 🙂

      • Krisna says

        I’m glad to hear that. I’m not just saying that though, I really believe it!👌
        Aw thanks. And thats so true, I always tell myself that my kid needs me more than my blog does. 🙂

  2. quirkymoms486 says

    You are sooo right on all of these points! Love this, thank you for sharing. I’ve had to close the laptop many times since starting this blogging gig.

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha as moms we’ve gotta find ways to make it work, but that definitely doesn’t mean every day or for hours every day. I’m soooo guilty of prescheduling my posts sometimes weeks in advance just so I can spend time with the family. Have you ever gotten your laptop confiscated for being on it too much?

  3. Hilary Tan says

    Only two months? Wow! I would have never guessed… you made some excellent points. Yes, write when the inspiration strikes rather than feeling like you need to write. I was supposed to post something today but it’s my birthday. I can always post tomorrow! 🌻🌻

      • Hilary Tan says

        I don’t really have anything planned for today. I booked an apt later this week for a therapeutic floating session which I’ve always wanted to try! My mom sent me sunflowers which was a surprise, and the coffee shop down the street gave me a free drink and donut, which I wasn’t expecting. As a kid, I hated surprises. As an adult, I love them! 😊💕

      • Shelly DS says

        That’s brilliant! Do let me know how the floating session goes. I’ve never heard of it till now! I think as adults we appreciate the simpler things in life 😊

      • Hilary Tan says

        I just went to the floating session and it did not disappoint. Super relaxing but was hard for me to relax for 75minutes. I learned that I’m bad at meditating lol my skin is soft and smells amazing now. I would definitely go back! 🙂

  4. justcalmwildness says

    These are really good points. I have been learning to write only about what I love and that my blogs are supposed to be for me before they are for anyone. Thank you for this.💗💗

    • Shelly DS says

      I’m so glad you read and enjoyed it! I absolutely love those blogs that always have good “how to” content and are literally made as though they’re watching my every move, but practically it is harder to do something like that if you’ve got other things on your plate. And also, writing about what you love is a niche in itself!

  5. PoojaG says

    I totally agree with the stuff you mentioned. I particularly loved what you said about writing when the inspiration hits because if you force yourself you’re just going to end up burnt out and blogging will no longer be fun. I also think having a multi-niche blog helps because than you don’t have to stick to one topic you can pretty much write about what you want at that time.

  6. Denisse Perez says

    I love this post! It did so much for me ! I’ll admit that I was having mini episodes of insecurities due to “ being too tired” to write, or sometimes my mind just goes blank, or I feel like I’m thinking too hard and stressing myself out and—wow—now I see I’m not the only one and I shouldn’t discredit what I love doing or what I am , because after all, it’s normal! It’s okay to not feel at our best. We are entitled to that. I know that now thanks to you ! Also, writing out of inspiration—yes! Anytime that I am in that mood , my words, my thoughts, my feelings and emotions, all flow right out of me so beautifully and effortlessly and thus, making me happy. Oh and what you said about writing for yourself and not necessarily for others—same! Although I hope that others feel, enjoy, understand and read my writing, if they don’t, it’s okay! It’s okay because it still did a lot for me. I write from my heart, from my puzzling mind, and with a passion! So I will always be proud of my stuff 🙂 You are an amazing writer , an amazing blogger, you are empowering, and I love your family! You’re an inspiration and one of the sweetest souls ever. Thank you for this ! – Denisse, sweetesthustler 🌹

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks for reading missy! I think every single human that does what they love gets burnt out at times! If that happens, take a break and come back stronger! The way you write so much I thought you literally spend all your free time writing! Lol but the passion that’s in your words def must come from a place you don’t show too often 😉
      Thanks for all your compliments, but like you I have my moments of self doubt.

  7. Eromonsele Emmanuel says

    I think you should adopt the use of apps like grammarly to check for errors and you could download a voice to text app in order to churn out content more often. Ah, I’m currently juggling nothing with my blog except living. LOL. Thanks in advance for the tips Shelly, I know what to do when I get busy.

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha trust me, before I had so many responsibilities I used to struggle just getting out of bed. You learn as you go 😅 thanks so much for reading 💖 I will definitely try out your suggestions because once the pandemic passes and my job says we’ve gotta be back in the office, I have no clue how I will continue blogging!

  8. VeraYanney says

    I love this !! I do all of these. It’s quite hard to write on topics outside ones niche . At least for me it is! I also find myself questioning if the quotes I leave on my social media platform aligns to my niche. I tend to give inspirational quotes a lot but I stand to wonder what that has to do with motherhood . Lol All the time I say people love it but does this make me disorganized? Thanks for putting this in writing .

  9. Rida J says

    Great advice. As a newly blogging mom it does get tough and I feel guilty either way. Whether I don’t blog and I want to, or I do blog and don’t spend that time with my family. Balance is key.

  10. justmommyingja says

    This is all so very true! The very first point spoke to me the most. When I first started my blog I put pressure on myself to post something once a week (which started becoming stressful and no longer fun) and then I realized there were weeks where I just couldn’t think of what to write about. I have now decided to only write when the inspiration hits whether that’s once a week or once a month.

    • Shelly DS says

      If posting on schedule is really important, then the inspiration hits try to get as much done as possible so you can tap into your drafts on a rainy day. Otherwise, keep at the way you’re going. As a reader, it would def be evident if you wrote begrudgingly and I wouldn’t want that for either you as a writer or me as a reader 😉

  11. mymommyheartblog says

    These are really good points! Thank you so much for sharing. Puts everything in the right perspective, was exactly what I needed to hear this week.

  12. Carletta Shannon says

    You have done an excellent job at singling out the most important points. It is so true that writing about what you love is the best way to go. It is so much fun to write about one’s passion.

  13. Toni B says

    Great stuff! I love to write about my experiences. It’s easier that way for me, and I love to share my experiences with others. I hope that those things that I’ve done (both good and bad), will help someone else!

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks for reading Toni 🙂 I do think that there is always 1 person who will be helped even if it isn’t a “5 reasons why” or a “10 things to know” kinda post. Be you and share your experiences… I find those to be more genuine and relatable.

  14. Helen says

    I agree with your advice about writing what you love. If your passion is fruit flies then by all means write about it. If your passion is about world war II, then write about that. It doesn’t really matter what you write.Ok it does. But the important thing is that the audience can feel that passion coming from your blog. If they can feel something, then they will keep coming back.

  15. Helen says

    Lovely. What resonated with me the most is that in order to be a good blogger you have to first live. That is so true. You can’t just sit at your computer all day writing. You’ve got to first experience your life first so that you can write about it. After all they say that you should always write what you know. If you haven’t lived it, then how can you write about it?

  16. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    These are excellent points Shelly. It’s hard to juggle everything and, as you said, some days you just don’t feel like it. We just have to remind ourselves that’s okay.

    I often write a post in one sitting but I never publish it. I always wait a day or two and then edit it. There’s always something to fix. I’m taking an advanced writing course right now. Our final assignment is to take something we’ve written and edit it. I’m planning to go back and find an early blog post that I was proud of at the time. Wish me luck! I’m sure it will be humbling. LOL

  17. petespringerauthor says

    You are wise beyond your years with your approach. Managing everything you’ve got going on in your life forces you to be efficient with your time. I’m all for writing when the spirit moves me because I know when I’m invested and feeling creative the quality goes up. Your husband’s idea about shelving a piece until a future day makes sense as it’s amazing what we see with a fresh pair of eyes. I’m a relatively intelligent guy, and I taught elementary school for 31 years, so I should be an expert at writing. Am I? Not even close. My critique group always catches things that I’ve looked over several times already.

    I didn’t start taking writing more seriously until I retired. Kudos to you for being able to pull that off as a young mother. The idea of me maintaining a blog when I was teaching was downright laughable—not unless there suddenly were 30 hours in a day. Keep that idea of writing a book in your head, Shelly. It stayed in my head a long time, and I finally made it happen. I wrote a memoir/advice book for younger and future teachers https://www.amazon.com/They-Call-Mom-Difference-Elementary/dp/1977200052 (unplanned), and I recently sent off my first middle grade novel to be professionally edited (planned). I self-published the first time, but this time I’m going to spend a year trying to find an agent. If that never happens, I’ll self-publish again. Being rich and famous is not important to me, but finishing something I started is. It’s an amazing thing to hold your book in your hands for the first time and realize, “Gosh, I made that.” A little bit like the feeling of holding your newborn.

  18. mindbeautysimplicity says

    I love how you mentioned you put your family and personal life first before blogging. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in this passion and neglect life. But as you said if you didn’t prioritize your life what would you write about? You are an inspiration because you juggle all that you do. Gil you are a superwoman! 😊👏🏻

  19. samsahana says

    You’re very inspiring! 🤍 When I finished reading this post, I was like “I want to read more of this” with a baby face 🥺 You are very engaging and I love your brevity. I’m exactly like you- I write online only when I feel like it, the other days, I just read other people’s blogs or write random stuff in my notebook. It was nice to know that I have something in common with someone as amazing as yourself. 😀


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