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  1. Helen says

    Great topic! Never thought about some of the negative repercussions that people may have from extended lockdown. But I think as long as people feel positive about their bodies and have a good support system, they hopefully won’t have an eating disorder. Of course An eating disorder is definitely more complicated than just eating too much or too little. It’s about having low self esteem, not being happy, not feeling in control of self and life. So to combat eating disorders development, we should make sure that these women feel good about themselves, are happy and feel in control. Easier said than done right?

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks Helen! You’re absolutely right, it is more complicated than that and very hard to make women who have it feel good about themselves. I guess the support system really is key here 💖

  2. Delicate and brutal says

    Great post Shelly! I love how candid you are about your own experience. I have definitely felt frustrated by my weight gain during this pandemic. Although the prednisone I take every day doesn’t help either 🤡 I am making diet changes and am limited in exercise options but trying to not be so negative towards myself. I need to remind myself I am still the quirky me under the “extra layers” 😁

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks Amy. It feels liberating to be able to speak about it and potentially help anyone going through similar issues. You’re right, you shouldn’t be negative to yourself because you are awesome regardless of how you look. Being a medical challenge, you need to stay positive and keep being you 💖
      Ps : locked myself out of Instagram 🙈

  3. Toma Ruh says

    So important to talk about this!! And thanks so much for sharing your story. ❤️ It’s amazing that you have this person close to you that cares about you so much and doesn’t fail to support you! You and your husband are awesome! ❤️

  4. Markus + Micah says

    Powerful post. Thank you for sharing your experience and tips. Such a relevant topic this year and I am sure it will continue to be so in the next months. I am glad you are in a better shape now, with the support of your husband. I also love how you said keep trying and keep loving. It is so positive, and it does the job!

  5. Shayla says

    Great post! Thank you for sharing your story and experiences with us. Its great that your husband was persistent and managed to get you out of that dark place!

  6. Olivia says

    My best friend had an eating disorder and she was very open about it with me. She battled diabetes too at the same time which made it even harder. Sadly she isn’t with us anymore but she fought so hard to over come it & she did.

    It’s also important to mention the other eat disorders that are the opposite of people losing weight, but those who have food addictions. They are often overlooked and taken less serious but are of equal importance in my mind!

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks so. much for sharing this. It breaks my heart to know that someone so close to you is longer alive but I hope you can learn from her fighting spirit that if you really try, you can overcome anything! <3

  7. Jan says

    Such a relatable post. Great to hear you are taking care of your health Shelly. You can do it xx
    I’ve got a history much like yours – an emotional eater whose struggled with weight loss all my life. It really is a continuous process isn’t it. I now try to focus on being health vs losing weight.

  8. ackeegan says

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and helping to break the silence and stigma around EDs. It’s a story I’m familiar with, and that unfortunately many people are! Sadly, as we reach the end(???) of a another lockdown this post is as important as ever. All the best wishes, and congrats on your recovery journey


  1. […] Since then, whenever I feel the anxiety build-up, my first instinct is to turn to food. Strangely enough, my brain is hard-wired to believe that food and stress have to go hand in hand. It may be because eating something gives my body something else to focus on. And it did. The panic attacks are not nearly as hectic. The only issue now is the consequence of stress-eating. But again, as a teen, I assumed that I could cheat the system and still have my food without necessarily eating it. If you’re keen to know how that went, you can read about the birth of my eating disorder. […]

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