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  1. VeraYanney says

    I really enjoyed reading this . And I know it can be tough. I might not have experienced a break up but I know what it feels like to be hurt by someone you cared about and possibly saw yourself to grow with in the future. However, I like to think every disappointment leads to a blessing . That incident wouldn’t have led you to your husband and who knows if you’d be happily married with (whom you are trying to leave in the shadow.) Though it’s tough, but with time you will heal provided you look into Therapy. Thanks for sharing !!!

  2. Olivia says

    I feel you girl. Letting go is hard, forgiving is hard. Even after years pass. A small memory can bring up so much pain and hurt you thought you had buried deep.
    Keep acknowledging it, keep embracing it. You will get through it.

  3. quirkymoms486 says

    Letting go and forgiving is just so hard! Especially when you’ve been hurt by the one person you love the most. You’re strong through and will get through it! Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

  4. carlamilho says

    Lovely post… The most of us, has been hurt once in your life… Unfortunately…
    I would like if you could follow me to… In the mean time, I wish you much success 💯❤️

  5. Eromonsele Emmanuel says

    Everything you’ve said about forgiveness is true. People who offend you just move on with their lives whether or not they offer an apology. However, it’s up to the affected person to finally let go of that pain and hurt and again, not make the same mistake because it’s like nowadays, people enjoy having abusive friendships and relationships. So yes, I’d say forgive but break free. That’s not malice.
    Great work Shelly!

  6. niasnarrative says

    So sorry that you are still hurting from the pain of someone else. It os true that we are not responsible for others behaviour or actions, and unfortunately until they realise it we must learn to accept an apology we may never receive, or to let it go because we may never get the explanation or outcome we deserve, but when you do forgive or if you want to, you will feel much lighter, even if that person doesn’t deservecyour forgiveness. Amaxing that you have such a supportive husband, i strive for that one day💕someone who can support me through everything and still love me. I hope you find the strength to move forward.

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks for this encouragement, I truly appreciate it 💖 I agree, forgiveness does take a load off your shoulders. I keep trying to remind myself of that every time I feel that anger bubbling inside me.
      You will definitely find a supportive hubby too, have faith! 😉


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