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  1. Lily-Anne says

    This might just be a personal preference for me but what if you made the “thanks for watching” transition (and others too) a little faster? The audience attention span can be short after all. Other than that, this is so exciting!!

  2. Manisha Reddy says

    First of all congratulations Shelly on your YouTube channel. I just saw your post and I voted for your questions. You will definitely have my consistent support. Good luck for your new journey and I hope you will simply rock.

  3. Helen says

    How exciting on your next venture! Can’t wait to see you integrate your blogging & vlogging worlds. As for the outro, I love both but what if you combined elements from both examples.. for example, definitely use a picture of yourself AND have share and subscribe buttons in the outro. And I like the cartoon you but I think it feels more authentic to have the real you. Anyway, can’t wait to see what else you do with your vlog.

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