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  1. Introverted Thoughts says

    Wow, I don’t know 😂 Maybe the day I turned 6 so I could remember what my little self was feeling about life in general or maybe the day I die would also be an interesting choice 🤔
    Lovely write!

    • Shahrin says

      Ahh that sounds great —“the day I would die” —I am quite curious about how do people feel near to the end.

      I would also relieve my childhood —I think I had a lot of fun those days. Carefree, sun-kissed, wondering about without a worry in sight, bliss!

      A great idea Shelly💕 xx

  2. Poorwa Vishwakarma says

    It’s Holi in India, if you don’t know about it then Holi is a grand festival of colors celebrated in India. If I could relive one day, I would love to go back in 2016 on the day of Holi. That day was one of the most beautiful moments in my life and also the last festival I celebrated with my maternal grandma.

  3. bosssybabe says

    This question was recently asked of me too, hard to pick one day but I’d probably relive meeting my husband (in the way that I’d be aware of everything that was to come… Lol I thought of the wedding day but it is almost perfect in my memory so I feel like it’s great that way and my daughters birthday was longggg but on video so I could always just rewatch those lol

    • Shelly DS says

      Awww what a romantic you are! I’m sure things wouldn’t feel as exciting if you already knew the ending, though. I mean, part of the fun of dating is figuring things out 😅 had I known I was going to end up married to my husband, I would’ve given him a harder time! 😂

  4. beth says

    it would be the day i got divorced. i would tell myself not to worry, that everything would eventually fall into place and be okay, better than before.

  5. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    That’s a tough one. I can’t pick the day one of my daughters was born because, what about the other one? LOL

    If I could relive one day, it would be the day of my cancer diagnosis. I would tell myself everything will be okay and I’ll look back years from now and see it as a positive experience.

    • Shelly DS says

      Oh wow Michelle, I’m so glad that you are here to tell the tale! You are definitely putting a positive spin on things, and raising awareness as you go along!

  6. vaniheart says

    Your answer is so sweet, I have heard about the labor pain and that has scared me so much!!!! But seeing this where you want to re live the day again is somewhat amusing for me💗💗💗

  7. Mamalava says

    Wow, pondering this question has shown me, in a new way, just how faithful God is. As I was flipping the pages of the memories in my mind, I was pausing on a few and thinking, “this was amazing – would I want to relive this one?” And I realized that there was something which coincided with each one, tainting its perfection – something unrelated, but which would have to be felt again if I was going to relive the experience. It suddenly hit me that, while I was going through each of my hardest trials, God gifted me with some of my most precious memories. I hadn’t put things together that way until you prompted me to think through them. Thank you for that. And to answer your question – maybe today. I’d relive today so as to have this realization twice and therefore double the chance of remembering it! 😉

    • Shelly DS says

      Oh wow such an insightful one! I’m glad you got thinking and love the lessons you learnt along the way. I feel the same about certain moments that I would want to erase… I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for those trying moments!

  8. Dacia says

    I’m going to say, the last day I spent with my Grammie when she was healthy. I would spend the day with her and then decide to move in and live with her instead of returning home two hours away.

  9. Eromonsele Emmanuel (ericotrips) says

    If I could relive one day, it’ll be the day I correctly predicted that Burna Boy and Wizkid would get a Grammy. It’s nothing so big because they put in the work but that moment made me feel very special.

  10. Amethyst says

    That’s a great question. Idk. I would probably want to relive the day I chose my majors in university. I ended up with a B.Sc in biology and minored in psychology and though I loved it, I wish I had also majored in psychology.


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