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  1. Denisse Perez says

    Again in tears ! I’m such a softy! But I just really feel it. I find similarities in us! Both strong, passionate, lovers, mothers, and writers!

  2. Domeka says

    You have managed to capture feelings and emotions that I personally believe a lot of mothers have especially first time mothers. It’s a bit of a rollercoaster but so worth every moment. Thank you for sharing this with us as I’m certain that this will help so many mothers out keep blogging.

    • Shelly DS says

      Aww thanks so much hun! Yeah you nailed it, first time mom syndrome. I’m hoping that with time we will all become seasoned and laugh about the anxiety we used to feel. That day hasn’t come for me yet 🙁

      • Domeka says

        It will come what your experiencing is natural in my opinion but I also believe it’s a strong sign of your genuine love for your little one so embrace and enjoy each moment. Trust the process and God will do the rest blessings.

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