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  1. dineomxoliyahoocom says

    The day I decided to be more flexible with my daughter was the best! We are both happier and it’s amazing how much learning has been achieved through this lockdown.

  2. edapacheco says

    You’re doing such a good job with spawny! She’s gorgeous. I remember when I thought I would have a girl to braid her hair like that. But a baby boy came in and I’m his VIP barber (LOL). Sincerely, I can relate with your story soooo much. I do cook healthy meals for my son and make crafts for him and for the house; but he has learned two languages (English and Spanish) from educational tv shows and from the moments we sit together to read and play. Also, how can I carry an almost 3 yr old with me while doing chores? That’s why Super Simple Songs, Sesame Street and Little Baby Bum are my friends. Haha! Keep the great job going!

    • Shelly DS says

      I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one! Please write a post about your experience teaching your son two languages? I’m supposed to be teaching my little one Portuguese but finding the right balance is very difficult!

      • edapacheco says

        Hi! Yes! I started writing the piece, but I also am backing it up with sources for parents to look up, I’ll be posting it soon. 😉 Portuguese is so beautiful. I speak Italian as well. But I won’t teach him that one until he masters one language. Happy Friday!

  3. m11bna says

    I started off Lockdown with pens and paper and now we are on chopping boards and mop buckets. My boys go to school and mosque, they don’t really get a chance for ‘life skills’ in a normal routine. The Lockdown has helped them (and me) learn and develop skills that they wouldn’t have done in normal everyday life. It’s really been a blessing. ( Apart from the not being able to see the rest of the family). My boys can now make a mean breakfast, lunch and dinner that does not consist of beans on toast ♥️

  4. sarahstyf says

    Flexibility is the name of the game right now for all of us parents. I’m currently trying to figure out how to get my kids back into regular sleep habits because they are essentially feral now 😉

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