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  1. Shahrin says

    “because your writing will differ depending on what mood you’re in” YES —I need to write in bulk to avoid writing posts I am not feeling.

    Grammarly is a God-Send🙌🏽🙌🏽 Thank you for those tips —they are SO helpful😘😘 xx

  2. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    There’s an old saying “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” I’ve found that to be very true in many aspects of life. The busier my life is, the more productive I am. When I’m bored and at a loose end, I have a hard time finding motivation to do anything.

    I am guilty of sometimes obsessing over the “perfect” image for a blog post or a pin. I’m sure people pumping out 50 pins a day don’t do that. There’s another great saying “Done is better than perfect”.

    I’ll just leave it at that!

  3. AP2 says

    Wonderful advice Shelly – I must admit I struggle with the balance between a full time job and father of two. Your advice about writing when the inspiration hits is spot on. I try to do the same. Problem is if I don’t finish within a certain amount of time it never gets done. I have countless brilliant half finished posts. I would add that finishing is very important.

  4. Lauren says

    Write first drafts without editing. Just write. I’ll then return to the draft another day to edit and polish. That makes writing much easier.

      • Lauren says

        You’re welcome! It was a total game changer for me! Made the writing process much easier. I didn’t realize how much I was trying to edit and I wrote until I started training myself not to. Lol.

  5. Lady B says

    Great tips, Shelly! You did not hold back nor lie, because inspiration comes everywhere, especially when you can’t do anything else, i.e. on the toilet or in the shower or bath. I have recorded several blog posts when I’ve kept my apple watch on during a shower. Oh, and Grammarly is my writing BFF too!

      • Lady B says

        If inspiration is hitting before I hop in the shower, then I keep my watch on and talk until I get it all out. Lol. You’re welcome!

  6. Helen says

    Awesome tips! I definitely write “in bulk” as you say. Sometimes when I get in the writing mood I just want to keep writing and churning out content. I often have to remind myself to slow down because no one wants to read that many from me lol

    I’ve heard of Grammarly, of course but never used it. My pride wouldn’t allow me too. I’ve always been fairly decent in the subject of English at school so it slightly offensive for me to even think of using it. lol 🙂

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahah girl don’t ever stop writing if you’re in the mood. Unless of course you need to feed your kids or sleep. Use the scheduler, and you’ll essentially have content for daaaaaayyys!
      My pride didn’t allow me to either, but it’s definitely great for saving time 😅

  7. daciar says

    I have been debating getting Grammarly for awhile now! Also, as a novelist I have long heard the advice write what you know. If you don’t understand it, your readers probably won’t either.

  8. Amethyst says

    Such great tips. I use to write while commuting to and from work, when I was working and Grammarly is a life-saver. Now that I finally have a job again, I have to prioritise my blogging schedule to suit. Thanks for the lovely tips. Read this post in good timing. 😊

  9. m11bna says

    I am finding it really hard to bulk write!! so yes need to concentrate on that. Also you are so right about the inspiration. I have great ideas at awkward times of day- that I don’t jot down, and then it goes! gone. I no longer have the passion for it because it no longer has the passion i had at the time.

  10. teewright429 says

    Love your blog! I saw that you were interviewed by Pooja as well and got really excited as someone who is super new to the idea of blogging for others to read. We have a lot in common so thank you for your amazing perspective and guidance. Will definitely be following 🙂

  11. justcalmwildness says

    I also do most of the things you have shared. I love to milk my writing mood to last drop then I schedule the content and then go back to lazying around. Great piece.

  12. Jack says

    I particularly love the idea of writing in bulk when the mood hits. I did this before Christmas I was able to write about 30 posts in a week and that covered me for all of Blogmas and the weeks leading up to December, but in that same time I was buying a house and have been working on that and since then, I’ve just been grinding out one at a time the day before I publish to keep my consistency, I’ve not managed to hit a rythm since, but when I do, I’m gonna write plenty!

    Thanks for the great tips!

  13. Lisamarie says

    I absolutely loved this especially writing in bulk, that is a life saver! I also love Grammarly it has helped me out many times, I am by far a professional so having those helpful apps that keep you on the straight and narrow are a life saver!

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