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  1. vaniheart says

    How i relate to each and every fears of yours…
    Like i was blatantly nodding to your every point as if i am talking to myself….
    Hey… i just wanna say…you have already took your first step… and from here there are only two possibility either you will learn running or you will fail…just dive into it…. and wait for results. ❤ 💙
    Your blogging fam is with you always…
    And for tbe trolls.. keep simba on the background…everyone will be in check 😉 😜

  2. Suzanne says

    oh, michelle, i can completely empathize with all of this. beginning any new venture — especially one that you hope will succeed — is so full of self-doubt and what ifs. with me, it’s writing. and i sat down and thought through some scenarios, which kind of helped me visualize how i’d react. and one of them, certainly, was, what if i spend all this time doing this thing and it doesn’t work out? for me, that was the hardest to face. but after i really investigated my feelings about that particular scenario, i realized that it would be worthwhile anyway, and i try to remind myself of that when i’m feeling low. the work itself is worthwhile, even if the outcome isn’t what i hope for. i am rooting so hard for you, as i’m sure MANY people are. you’ve got this!!!

    • Shelly DS says

      Gosh Suzanne, reading your work I would never have guessed that you had doubts about writing! I’m so glad you stuck with it, and hope you continue. I’ll definitely be trying your approach and analyzing each scenario for my sanity. Sometimes we are our biggest obstacles and it really shouldn’t be that way!
      Thanks so much for all the love and support, it truly means the world to me 💖

  3. petespringerauthor says

    Go for it, Shelly! I give the same advice to anyone trying something new. I think most people are like me and admire anyone who has the courage to try new things. It isn’t about the particular pursuit; it’s about having the heart and willingness to overcome that fear that makes it all the more admirable. When I was younger, I avoided putting myself out there, but I’ve come to learn that I feel best about myself when I do. We also take inspiration and feed off the energy of others going through similar challenges.

    Let’s say you give this a go, and it doesn’t turn into a big moneymaking success. Does that make you a failure? Not in my book. It makes you someone to be admired for going after your goals. Good luck! By the way, you come across (I’m betting this is your natural persona) as a likable and friendly person.

    • Shelly DS says

      Pete, you are so encouraging! Thanks so much for this push. And you are right, character comes in doing… I’d hate to look back on this moment ten years from now and wonder what could’ve been! If it fails, like you said, at least I tried! ☺️
      Haha yeah, that was just me being me in the video 🙈

  4. manitobamomblog says

    It’s very cool to see your face and hear your voice! Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind seeing YouTube videos from other bloggers too. It adds another personal dimension. And I agree, it is so exciting and fun to stretch yourself. One of the things that makes life worth living.

  5. Tara says

    Trolls! They’re wretched. I think it’s interesting that you put you’re scared of success as well. I think a lot of us truly crave success and winning but our society makes us fear it

  6. bosssybabe says

    OMG I can’t wait to watch! I hope you keep at it! It’s not my dream but secretly my dream but not my dream! ACk I don’t know but I always watch YouTubers and think, that looks like such an amazing career choice! Of course, there’s the multi-tasking and pressure and stress of it all but overall, it looks thrilling! Can’t wait to watch! 😀

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha you are literally me in another body! I was kinda iffy about it but have also been dying to do it for so long… it’s about time!
      Thanks for supporting! Please subscribe if you wanna keep an eye on the videos 😊

  7. Happy Panda says

    Good luck with your new journey!!!! 🙂 Subscribed and looking forward to your videos!

    I have thought SO many times of having a travel YouTube channel but I am SO SO awkward which is why blogging works perfectly for me 😀

  8. Helen says

    this is relatable. I’ve considered starting a youtube channel too and have had many of the same fears. One big fear is that people won’t like my content. After all there are so much content on youtube and so the competition is pretty fierce. It’s just like blogging. but I believe that if you are authentic and have stellar video editing skills while being relatable then the audience will come.

    • Shelly DS says

      Gosh Helen, I would love to watch your videos, especially since it’ll add so much depth to the version of you I’ve grown to love on WP 😊 If you ever do start one, let me know and I’ll be your first sub!

  9. Rochelle | Adventuresfromelle says

    Ha! Similar to you, I created a blog regardless of if anyone would ever read it, but I wanted eyes on my YouTube channel because vlogging takes so much work. Therefore, my fear was that no one would ever watch or subscribe especially since I was using my outdated S9 to film so I knew the quality wasn’t as top tier as professional YouTubers who invest in their craft. Nonetheless, I’ve now posted 10 or so videos and have 380+ subscribers! I’ve found YouTube too much work though, so the channel is currently dormant.

    • Shelly DS says

      Oh wow you’re on YouTube?! Don’t tell me that it’s too much work 😭 I just started my channel and am editing my first real video!! Can I have some tips?

  10. T. Nichol says

    I feared one thing: Not being able to consistently come up with ideas for the channel to thrive.

    It’s easy to start a channel, but it very difficult to continue a channel that is hard to create content around the specific niche that you pick.

    But that’s my suggestion, to anyone who is interested in starting their own channel, is to think, deeply, about your niche, and the rest of your fears will not have room to even linger in your mind. Because if you can be consistent, and move forward with a niche that you enjoy and can create constant content around, you are going to grow your channel, in a very organic way.

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks hun, this is valuable advice! So far, I’m choosing the young working adult with a passion project idea as my target viewer~ since I’m in that predicament right now just like my friends are, it seems like the most natural audience to speak to 😊

  11. Anonymous says

    If I have to zoom in 15x to read your post, you can bet either my eyesight is f**d up, or your website is bad. P.S. I just had eye laser surgery.


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