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  1. Happy Panda says

    Love the tag – such a fun and positive one!

    I looove your list! I haven’t watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy but Derek’s return to the show gave my goosebumps!!! I can relate with so many things in your list other than the WFH bit. I just don’t get any work done when I WFH – I get so easily distracted by other things. I’m probably not disciplined enough work efficiently from home.

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks for reading! You have to watch on! Grey’s has definitely lost its truest essence but they somehow manage to still make it entertaining.

      As for working from home, you’re right, it’s hard!!! My husband makes me work 🙈

  2. Helen says

    Fantastic!! I also love that feeling of having my writing ‘published’ in the form of a blog/website on the internet. It’s not a published book but it’s a start.
    Glad to hear that you love tea! What’s your favorite brand/flavor?

  3. Delicate and brutal says

    I just love you Shelly!!! Thank you for such a lovely shout out! Your words brought happy tears to my eyes. I I too love the melted stringy cheese on pizza, a clean room, and a good night’s sleep! It’s a relief knowing we can still be friends since I like tea 😁

  4. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    Love this! Awesome list and thanks for tagging me. I will make some room in my Blogmas schedule to participate.

  5. Heidy Reynoso says

    As I was reading your post, we have a lot in common! LOL First, reading the bear hugs from you husband made me laugh and it reminded me of my husband too, he’s tall and muscular so I know the feeling. Second, the writing – TOTALLY get that! Like I really love writing and sharing my writing! Third, I also love working from home, I’m really praying for company decides to keep us working from home for good. And lastly, I saw my name at the bottom but I didn’t realize it was me, I was like “hey, that person spells their name like me” and then I clicked and was like “Aweeee, it is me!” LOL thank you so much for the tag!!!

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha Heidy you are such a sweetheart! It’s great we have so much in common cause that means you have good taste 😅 I enjoy reading your writing so don’t ever stop please! Also, yep, it’s you 😊tag! You’re it 😉

  6. Lady B says

    I’m soooo with you on Grey’s Anatomy. I’m still not over them getting rid of my faves, especially Derek. And I’m struggling right no because AT&T is negotiating with the company that provides ABC, the channel that plays Grey’s. As of Monday, the channel is no longer available through our provider. I cannot watch Grey’s Anatomy at all. What am I going to do, Shelly??? 🙁

    • Shelly DS says

      Lol calm down calm down … breathe. Isn’t it on Netflix too? We have it here on cable but I remember binge watching it on Netflix when I was in Brazil. Either that or you protest? 😅

  7. Shahrin says

    I love this✨✨
    Trust me about small person hugging you —I don’t know what it is, but it just lifts your mood. Innocence🤗🤗 xx


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