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  1. beth says

    you’re the third person who’s said it is well worth seeing, and I’m an introvert myself so I’m sure I’ll be able to identify with much of it –

  2. Ami says

    It’s nice to meet a fellow MCU fan! I’ve not seen it yet but hubby has and can’t stop talking about it. I’ll admit that when I watch NWH trailer, I was blown away, I’ve never been particularly excited about Spider-Man but every second of the trailer was just wow, wow and wow! I can’t wait to watch it when it comes out next year 🙂

      • Ami says

        I’m in the UK, it is in cinemas but because I have hearing loss and a vision impairment its difficult to watch without subtitles. Sounds like it’ll be worth the wait though 😁

  3. Above My Waves says

    Omg!!! We watched it on opening weekend (early showing so less people!) and I absolutely LOVED it! I will admit I didn’t see a certain death scene coming and I may have fangirled a bit (a lot) over Tom and Zendaya, *ahem* I mean Peter and MJ. Definitely a great movie that I will watch over and over. I believe it’s a worthy addition to the MCU and successor to the other Spidey movies.

    • Shelly DS says

      Haha look at you and the spoilers Dacia 😀
      That scene cut really deep but it added so much growth to Peter’s character. As for Tom and Z, I do not see them as MJ and Peter lol… I basically see them as who they are in real life because how else are we supposed to take that cute romance! lol

      • Above My Waves says

        Oops 🙊 At least I didn’t say who! I feel like they’re their characters in the way that RDJ is Tony Stark. Have you watched Tom’s audition? I refuse to believe he isn’t Spider-Man after watching that 😂

      • Shelly DS says

        I have not watched his audition, but I think I will now that you’ve mentioned it. I heard he was doing backflips and such in it. If that’s true, he is super cool!


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