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  1. Happy Panda says

    Same experiences which made me quit and start my own business.

    Add to that that a large part of how your work environment in a corporate depends on your boss. So if you get unlucky and get stuck with a bad boss then no matter how good everything else is, work will always give you nightmares. My ex-boss used to call me in when I’d be in the washroom to check where I was because apparently I was away from my desk for 5minutes. 😒 He made me miserable and though I had planned to quit (in 1-2 yrs) and do my own thing, he just acted as a catalyst for it to happen sooner.

    • Shelly DS says

      Gosh I suppose we can say thank you to that horrible boss for pushing you to get out of your comfort zone! Not a nice thing, but at least you made the best of the situation!

  2. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    Oh yes! I echo all these things. Early in my career, I used to worry about self-promotion. Now, I just let my work speak for itself and if someone wants to hog the glory, they can have it.

    And oh the buzzwords. The latest one that I really hate is “lean in”. What the hell does that even mean? “We’re really going to lean in to that.” Just don’t lean too hard or you might fall flat on your face!

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