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  1. Maya says

    One crazy thought that keeps me up at night is that some people think all Arabs are rude ( i am an Arab and we are not!) and another one is that why do people think dubai is a country when it is a city and an Emirate in the uae I just don’t get it because dubai is sooo small for a country. Another one that keeps me up at night is why do people think dubai is the same as Abu Dhabi because they are totally different!!

    • Shelly DS says

      I used to think Dubai was a country because of how rich it is as a city, how rich it is for tourism and the fact that people never say “I’m going to the UAE”. Obviously I was a dumb teen, but you’re right, it’s too small to be a country! But then Singapore… 😉

      • Maya says

        Your not the only person that used to think that. I understand why you think that but sometimes I get a bit frustrated because some people completely forgot about the uae and think dubai is the country and there are other 6 Emirates that form the country. However dubai is the largest city in the uae but it is small to be a country. Your right, it really is rich for tourism and it is rich in general

  2. Maya says

    I also don’t understand why countries have a democracy because the government is not listening to them anyways because they follow their own rules. I don’t understand this because in the uae we have a monarchy and ruling families of the Emirates and the uae government and royal family makes all the decisions

  3. bosssybabe says

    I’ve always wondered about Jr’s working harder than Directors! But then when my husband got promoted as a Director he’s been working non stop, but he is an Accountant and he was filling in for a manager that had suddenly quit, so yea I think it depends on circumstances but in general yes I bet Presidents work far less than their Jr’s. They just do a lot of big decision-making and business networking I suppose!

    Funnny post! I do the same laying awake at night lol was actually going to compile all things that run through my head too! Lol

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha glad to know there are a few wondering minds on here! I personally find it a bit insulting that once someone gets to the top, they just serve as posters… you’re at the bottom looking up and hoping to get to the point that you use your degree to drink and socialize 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    Ha ha. As a transplanted Brit who lives in a commonwealth country where Queen Elizabeth is also our Queen, you raise a very good question. The Queen does play a somewhat political role, signing all laws into force, although I think it’s more ceremonial than anything. In Canada, new laws must receive “Royal Asset” before they can take effect. Here, it’s the Governor General who grants it on behalf of the Queen, but in England the Queen does it.

    As for the rest of the Royal family, I’m not sure but we defnitely are fascinated by them.

    As for driving on the “wrong side of the road”, here in Canada we drive on the right which is interesting because we’re a British colony. I don’t know how it ended up that way. Maybe it was a concession to the French after the British took Canada away from them – although ultimately we both took it away from the Indigenous people but there were no cars back then. Or, maybe it’s because of our American neighbours…it would be terribly confusing and impractical to have to switch over to the other side of the road after crossing the border. LOL

  5. vaniheart says

    Haha, I am happy to find someone as crazy as me 😂😂😂
    The thing about human milk is biology will not allow us to milk 4-5 liters of milk at a time and that too everyday, also human female can only produce milk when their is pregnancy related hormones in the body , which will induce only if she is pregnant which will reduce the no. of participants here as ideal pregnancy time (21-35) years sometimes 40 too….. but still !!!! The milk production will stop after 3 years (again generally) so she have to be pregnant again to be back in business 😉 😎 😜 and that will lead to increased population….
    Also you may think scientists should invent something which will induce lactating hormones without getting pregnant (maybe their is something already present, who knows) but i guess doing all those complex experiments and expenses, dairy farming will be way more economical….
    So I guess this is the reason of not taking this as a business….
    Also if a lactating mother have some health issues or her body is unable to produce milk… sometimes people buy milk from other lactating mothers , so a small dose can be feasible but not whole as a business…..
    This is what I think😊😊😊

    • Shelly DS says

      Hehehe it’s not crazy, it’s imaginative 😉
      Gosh the increased population… the thought of someone getting pregnant just for the milk does sound extremely sad and scary, especially with all the kids that need homes!

      Can you imagine who would put their hands up to me milked?! 🙈

  6. beth says

    I’ll do my best – what is the ‘wrong’ side of the road? it’s all relative to where you are and the customs there, but I agree, if there was a universal ‘side’ it would certainly make things easier. as for milk, you might be surprised to know that there is a market for ‘mother’s milk’ as we found out when my granddaughter was born a preemie, and some of the mother’s needed in the nicu needed to purchase milk from a reliable source online through the hospital. juniors working harder than seniors has pretty much always been, having to prove your worth and put in your time to earn the right to do less seems odd, but somewhat logical. that being said, when you are a junior you are probably struggling more and need a bit more money and less time spent working, so not an ideal system. as for male engagement rings, I’ve seen a recent trend lately of some women bestowing them on their intended mates.

    that’s all I’ve got for today! )

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks for the wisdom! I had no clue that there was a market for breast milk! I remember being told in the hospital that if my milk doesn’t come in, there are donors who give some to the hospitals… I can’t imagine parents with a baby in the nice that have to buy it!

  7. Helen says

    These are great questions and many I’ve contemplated myself! I always wondered why men don’t get to wear engagement rings. It is just society’s way to continue to repress and infantilize women. We don’t give men away; we give the bride away, as if they are property and men are the owners. I think the engagement ring is an old fashioned tradition symbolizing ownership of the woman by the man. You are right — both parties should give engagement rings. Both wear wedding/marriage rings and the same should be said about engagement rings.

    as for the royal family — they don’t do much. They are just lucky to have been born in the right family that allows them to just be a family whose sole duty is as a representation of the state without any real responsibilities. It’s probably not going away soon because of the history attached to it. Regardless I myself have always been fascinated by the royal family and have kept track of their goings-on. I probably know more about them than I do about all of the US presidents that have served during my lifetime.

    And as for cows milk/human milk. It is weird that we still drink cows milk. I believe we are the only animals to drink milk from another species. When thinking about it, it is kind of gross. And it is weird that people are grossed out by human milk when it is milk from our own species and probably better for us than milk from another animal. But I don’t think women are going to voluntarily offer to be hooked up to machines 24/7 to give milk to corporations to sell. So cows milk it is I guess.

    • Shelly DS says

      Lol Helen your common sense is so funny!! “A family whose sole duty is as a representation of the state without any real responsibilities” 😂😂😂 Hectic! The Queen gives speeches!

      As for women being hooked up to machines, I definitely wouldn’t agree to it, just thinking about people who can sell their “stash”. But the system is so warped that I would never willingly buy and consume breast milk myself 🙈

  8. Olivia says

    There is no way we could mass produce humans milk like we do cows milk. Its so gross what they do to cows and it would never be passed to do to a human. Which is scary as to why we allow it to happen to animals! But thats for another post! 😛

    I actually know some men who choose to wear engagement rings. It is weird though how it works like that. You’re right. Surely both should wear one so that everyone knows they are both engaged.

    The royal family thing confuses me too. I don’t know what they do or what their purpose is. The government make majority of the decisions. The queen gave them the power to do that. If you figure it out, please let me know!

    Olivia | https://olivialucieblake.com

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha errr yeah definitely not possible for humans but did you know that some moms stock up their freezers with 6 month supply?

      A fellow blogger has just justified the royal family as being great for tourism… maybe that’s it?

  9. Rachel Duerden says

    I once got told that we Brits drive on the left because that’s the side you mount a horse.
    As for our Monarchy, well I guess it’s good for our tourism. 😀

  10. Dacia says

    These are excellent! I, too, need the answers to most of these questions, especially about the Royals.
    I’ve read that human milk actually makes food taste better than with cow milk. Also, if we sold human milk, wouldn’t that help mothers who can’t produce enough for their babies? Thinking about it, though, is it an expiration date issue? Does human milk expire faster than cow’s milk and would preservatives change it too much? Though frozen human milk is good for 6-12 months. Or is it a regulation issue? Ugh, thanks, Shelly, now I can’t let it go! 😂

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahahaha Dacia, you entered at your own risk 😛
      I think they should have a frozen human milk section in grocery stores 😅 even if they fill the bags with cow milk. I just want to see how people would react to it!

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