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  1. Hilary Tan says

    Not being able to get away from home and spend time at the library was very frustrating for me. The library was my escape before, but it’s been closed since February 2020. They reopened but you have to book a spot which hardly seems worth it to me.

    I’m stuck at home now, with a loud, crazy 4-year old who doesn’t leave me alone and a loud husband who doesn’t understand how the volume on the TV works; he cranks it all the way up. I can hear the TV through the walls and can’t get any work done. I’m constantly finding myself yelling at my family and I feel like momzilla. Some days I plop my kid in front of the TV which makes me feel guilty…. she’s better off at daycare but daycare is expensive, so she stays home with me now.

    • Shelly DS says

      Ouch that sounds rough! I completely understand though because for a few months I was trying to work with a needy 2 year old who throws tantrums or eats toilet brushes if she doesn’t get attention. Hang in there! And maybe even consider the splurge on daycare. It’s a lifesaver!

      • Hilary Tan says

        Once I start working, she will be going back to daycare. We looked at the option of sending her to daycare in the meantime, but decided to save the money instead. We’re trying to save everything we can this month, and daycare costs almost as much as rent.

        If you happen to know any activities that keeps your toddler occupied for at least half an hour, please let me know. Play-doh seems to work but it makes a big mess. Coloring only keeps my kid occupied for maybe 10 minutes. She likes to cut up paper (safety scissors of course) into a million pieces and scatter those pieces all over the floor. 🤦‍♀️

      • Shelly DS says

        You know, I had never thought about the cost of daycare in comparison to rent… it really is expensive! I’ve always looked at it as school fees, because they do follow a curriculum where my 2 year old goes and it is worth my sanity and her development. Unfortunately I don’t know how to keep a kid busy for 30 minutes without involving a screen or paint🙈

  2. LoseWeightWithAng says

    Having to go without a set routine is never helpful for anyone trying to get into a habit like eating healthy. It was never helpful for me either. That sucks that you had to deal with the virus. I’m glad you got through it 😊

  3. Poorwa Vishwakarma says

    Whatever people say 2020 was a good year for me. I know we faced and still facing many difficulties but we have also learned many things. I could start my blog was really a blessing for me. But there are some things that frustrated me a lot and the thing that irritates me the most now that I missed a whole year at school. I know we still studied online but there’s a huge difference between online and offline classes. I’m in 11th grade and after passing 10th, the study level suddenly increased and I still worry about that.
    But I’m glad that situations are getting better and now I can attend school. It’s like we’re starting again😊

  4. Happy Panda says

    I always find it creepy when random strangers touch/pick-up children in public. I really don’t know how parents are comfortable with that. Even if a child is around me and wants to interact, I make sure to do it without going near them (Like smiling at them or making funny faces or showing them things on my phone from a far). I can’t believe people would touch your baby in the middle of the pandemic. I can imagine how frustrating that might have been.

    I quit my job in January’20 to travel for 6months – but by the time my notice period was over we were locked down. It’s been so frustrating to not have been able to travel in almost a whole year. I crave it so much. 🥺

    • Shelly DS says

      Yes it is very creepy! And annoying. And I considerate!

      I’m sorry you ended up missing all that travel. I hope you’re able to get some air time this year! 💖

  5. Markus + Micah says

    Wow, picking up kids pandemic or not is not cool. And hang in there, this pandemic cannot last forever. We all have different challenges in the last year and each is valid. I hope we can all stay safe and healthy until vaccines work.

  6. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    It’s interesting that you couldn’t get takeout. Here, some restaurants closed for takeout while they got themselves organized in the early days, but only for a few weeks. Fast food, like the good old McDonald’s where my daughter works, stayed open for drive-thru and Uber the whole time.

    For me, the lack of singing is my biggest frustration. I miss the choir. I miss jamming with my friends. Singing is so good for mental health. I miss it so much. Sadly, it will be one of the last things to return. In the meantime, I will keep pouring all my creative energy into my blog. 😀

    • Shelly DS says

      You are so lucky to have had the restaurants open! I wouldn’t eat McDonalds if my life depended on it 🙈 but it would’ve been nice to have the option lol

      • Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

        Ha ha. I’m not a big fan of McDonald’s either. When my kids were small, we used to go there maybe 3 or 4 times a year. My daughter has worked there for over 2 years now so I occasionally make a trip through the drive thru when I drop her off. When our lockdown first started, we assumed they’d close. We actually found the fact that they were deemed “essential” quite amusing.

      • Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

        Yes. She has been working more hours than ever because a lot of their staff decided they didn’t want to take the risk of working with the public. I’m glad she is still working or she’d be bored stiff because all of her school activities aren’t happening.

  7. Delicate and brutal says

    I never understood why people think it’s okay to touch other people’s kids! I would be cussing them out especially during this pandemic. I have been frustrated by people not wearing masks properly and not keeping appropriate distances. As someone who would suffer devastating consequences if I caught COVID-19 I speak up to anyone who is too close to me and tell them to back off and give me space and/or wear the mask correctly.

    • Shelly DS says

      Gosh yeah it’s so inconsiderate of people to just assume that since they don’t care about the virus, no one else does. I really hope you don’t ever catch it 😖

  8. daciar says

    It really frustrates me that people are not taking it seriously and choose not to follow proper precautions. Covid-19 might not be an issue for you but it is for other people. People want to complain about the limitations that have been put in place due to Covid but they’re not willing to do what they can to help prevent and end it.
    Apart from that, it has always frustrated me when strangers come up to my kids and talk to or touch them. I noticed that they do it more when I am out alone with them than when I’m with my husband. It’s probably the one thing I don’t miss about going shopping.

    • Shelly DS says

      Hmmm that’s a fair observation! People do that to my kid mostly when I’m alone too. It’s rude, it’s inconsiderate and it’s downright inappropriate! I won’t blame you if you decide to punch someone 🙈

  9. missybeelondon says

    I think for me people still do not understand or practice social distancing, especially when in a queue. Oh no to people that want to touch your child.
    Needing to have more patience to get things done.
    Many tedious phone calls made, I am not a telephone person, and being kept on hold for how long 👀👀👀.
    And people are still not taking the pandemic seriously

    • Shelly DS says

      Oh gosh those long phone calls! I’ve been on hold with the tax office for about 90 minutes, only to accidentally cut the call 🙈 I hate them too, so it’s not just you!!

  10. Amethyst says

    The pandemic has definitely left a mark on each of us, whether small or large. Having your routine sabotaged and getting the virus despite the precautions is very frustrating. Also making for an incomplete home and renting, that’s tough. You deserve not vent. I commend you for not letting COVID defeat you. Thank you for sharing. How is life in South Africa, btw?

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks hun 😅 I’ve shed my fair share of tears over my lockdown problems. But at the end of the day, I’m glad that my family is happy and healthy despite everything f that happened. I love living in South Africa because it’s such a beautiful and convenient place to live. My husband compares it to the states (I wouldn’t know how accurate that is as I’ve never been there.) but the one thing that frustrates me here is corruption 😒 where do you live?

      • Amethyst says

        Ues, thankfully everyone is happy and healthy. I live in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. A tiny island in the Caribbean. Corruption, unfortunately, is prevalent here as well.

  11. Rachel Duerden says

    Not being to see my family and friends. I still get annoyed when others don’t take it seriously by not wearing masks, not social distancing, having parties etc. 😡

  12. C a t a r i n a 🌺 ☕ says

    I agree with you..what really frustrates me is being at home every single day, there’s nothing more annoying (in my opinion) that the governments wants you do stay inside all the time. We humans are used to going to the park with the kids, see a movie with them. It’s like you can’t do anything that you used to do! I know everyone thinks differently when it comes to the covid situation. I just can’t…

  13. Helen says

    Yes!! People touching my baby also frustrated me!! Thankfully it’s happened one time when an older lady reached out to touch my baby’s cheek without permission before I could say anything. It’s like they see a baby and just immediately want to touch and kiss and everything. That’s ok but still have to remember to be cautious

    • Shelly DS says

      It’s horrible isn’t it? And the worst part is that the baby/kid can’t just say no. My little one screams and starts crying when it happens and it just makes me so upset!

  14. m11bna says

    Respect. When people don’t respect other peoples feelings towards it. i know some people who have taken the pandemic so seriously that they havent been out since March. I know some people who are still in denial over covid. Whatever you feel, however you feel- dont patronise another person over your own beliefs. Everyone struggles differently. Respect each other.


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