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  1. beth says

    i have many years on you and know that time speeds up exponentially as we age. the physical doesn’t bother me as much, though it is frustrating that i don’t have the stamina or recovery time that i once had. that being said, there are some joys in aging, i see it as a new sense of freedom, caring less what others think of me, less inhibition, knowing myself better, trusting my intuition, and living life on my own terms. an amazing sense of liberation and self worth.

    • Shelly DS says

      Oh wow that’s definitely a different way to look at it. I would LOVE to have all of those great qualities you’ve mentioned. And you’re right, the older one gets, the less all the superficial things matter 😊

  2. Michelle (Boomer Eco Crusader) says

    As I edge closer to a milestone with a 6 in it (and it’s not 16), I realize that physical appearance means very little. I have a whole new set of fears – not being able to look after myself, and running out of time to do all the things I want to do are at the top of the list.

    But when I need inspiration, I look at my mum. She’s 88 and a bundle of energy. That’s what I want to be!

    • vaniheart says

      Hehe I keep saying this to my mom, if I will ever have kids they are destined to grow up in boarding schools 😉😉😉 I mean kids are only lovely and cute until they are not your’s responsibility 😉 ☺ 😜 !!!
      My mom says I won’t be able to do this , let’s see !!!
      Well I am 21 but aging scares the hell out of me, I also have 2-3 grey hairs and I am so much paranoid about it

      • Shelly DS says

        Lol I love that I’m not the only one who thinks like that! Gosh kids are definitely a lot… I have one and I get very tired of chasing her all around. Can you just imagine what your parents went through? 😂😂
        Hmmm greys at 21, that definitely doesn’t sound like an age thing, but I wonder if it means more are coming soon 😅

    • Shelly DS says

      Awww so sweet! I love that even now with kids of your own, your mom still inspires you! 😊
      My gran was walking everywhere at 80 so I know it’s possible~ but the work that goes into it 😫😫😫

  3. Jay-lyn Doerksen says

    Do you pick certain topics to write about and think oooooooooooooo I bet that Jay is going to send me a novel on this one? LOL
    Ah getting older. The joys and the not so joyous.
    I am going to cut to the one that I have the hardest time child growing up. I cry every first day of school because T is growing up. This weekend he is spending the weekend at his best friend’s. And more and more he will not want to spend the weekend at home. He is looking forward now to getting his driver’s license. His dad and I have begun to talk about his first car. And he is only turning 13. Now that he is taller than me and is only going to grow taller he delights in it. Of all the things about aging his growing up shows me my own morality. And as stupid as it is because there are still so many adventures ahead of us but I think about the damage I have done to my body and wonder if I am going to still be here to see some of those milestones. It drives T nuts. And I work very hard to not think that way. However it is difficulty.
    Age wise girl you are as old as you allow yourself to be. I am going to be 49 this year. And I swear to you that I am only in my twenties in my head. Hell the girls at work tell me that I am not old. I am a very young old. And hard to believe that I am in my 40’s. I love to laugh. I love to joke around. Keep those things and never lose your sense of simple pleasures and joys.
    Wrinkles I struggle with as well. I take collagen pills and have collagen cream. Lots of water. Biotin. I have added vitamins as well that help with hydration and general overall well being. And exercise. Now that my shoulder is getting better I am going to add simple exercise to strength area before beginning full on workout regime.
    As for grey hairs that is one area that I have no complaints. I have few of them and during the summer they bleach out.
    Have a fabulous Saturday Shelley. 🙂

    • Shelly DS says

      Hahaha Jay I absolutely love your novels! If anything, they are the short stories I love to read with a nice cup of tea 😂
      You definitely are young at heart! I’ve never met you in person but your energy radiates through your writing.
      I wish I had some comforting words to say about T growing up, but as a mom, I know it’s so hard to watch. What’s great to see is that you’ve formed such a beautiful bond with him that he will hopefully cherish forever regardless of who he wants to spend more time with. You’ll always be his mom~ no one can take that from you 💖

  4. LoseWeightWithAng says

    I have one white hair which grows out at the very top of my head…but I keep pulling it out and hoping it stops appearing haha! Clearly it hasn’t learned it’s lesson yet.

  5. bosssybabe says

    The greys, my God the greys! They won’t leave me alone, but you know what, I’ve learned to ignore them! The biggest thing about growing older than scares me is losing my loved ones. I have been lucky in my life to not have any great losses and the anticipation of that really scares me… It’s even more real now that I have a family of my own.

    • Shelly DS says

      Oh gosh yeah you’re absolutely right… loss is never easy regardless of how long someone is in your life. I guess it’s one of those things we’ll just have to accept, and make every day special!
      The greys = wisdom 😉

  6. Introverted Thoughts says

    Haha, I think I have a little while more to laugh about all this, till I start fearing the same. Just going to believe age is just a number 😂
    But this was a brilliant write! It was realistic and heartfelt.

  7. Maya says

    Great post I am not sacred about the wrinkle part and the grey hair because here in the uae we have the best plastic surgeons and plastic surgery so I will just go to them 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Shahrin says

    Girl -I have too many grey hairs to count and I am at the beginning of my 20’s. I guess ageing is terrifying, more so because of all the lost time.

    The last line💕🤗 xx

    • Shelly DS says

      Yes it is definitely terrifying but only if we let it be so. We need to make sure that every day of our lives is lived intentionally. No regrets!

  9. Dacia says

    Oh my goodness. The greys!! I could definitely, completely do without them! Mine started popping up a few years after I had Ade and I just don’t understand! 😭
    I have a fear that I won’t get to accomplish all the things I want to or need to. That I’ll leave this earth with important things unfinished.

  10. Lebogang Shazzygal Malatji says

    As for grey hairs …. aging can pass me by.

    Am afraid memory loss, I’ve seen how my mom can shout from across her bedroom just to ask me about something we’ve addressed minutes ago… oops I normally can’t help it but laugh.
    Not forgetting getting wrinkly and ugly🙈🙈🙈🙈guess there are remedies which can be used to treat the wrinkles because wow..I cant deal

  11. Josephine Nerissa Leão Panzo says

    I’m scared of ageing because it entails not being able to be as mobile and flexible with my body, getting tired faster and gaining weight that cannot be dealt with as easily.


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