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  1. Hilary Tan says

    Beautifully written blog post. Your photo is beautiful too 😊💕 I agree that it takes a high level of bravery to post bikini photos. I can justify not posting them because I don’t seek validation from anyone except myself.

    As for childbirth, I gave birth the traditional way. The epidural failed and the laughing gas wasn’t hooked up. My nurse told me to be quiet even though I was in so much pain and she kept insisting that I was fine. How not to nurse 101. Before I had my daughter, I had a miscarriage. It’s a horrible thing to experience but it’s made me more empathetic towards women who have experienced it. My biggest fear is experiencing another miscarriage in my lifetime. I hope to never go through that again.

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks Hilary! I wish that was my picture, but I figured this post required representation from different women to add to its depth. I personally don’t post bikini pics or anything showing too much skin out of respect for my husband, but I know lot’s of women do it innocently and still get the backlash.
      Your birthing experience was hectic!! I hope you healed from all the pain <3

  2. Jay-lyn Doerksen says

    You are just as awesome for writing this post. I find now that because there is so much nitpicking at the way women look/dress/size/height etc that any time I see a woman looking beautiful/wearing a brooch/beautiful eyes/new hair/out I will stop and tell them. I want to be a part of the building up not the tearing down of all the beautiful women out there. Have an awesome day. 🙂

  3. justcalmwildness says

    I love this! I love it when I see other women uplift other women who are different from them. Thank you for this Gem.

  4. kayrivwriter says

    Absolutely lovely post. It’s a gift to be humble and to appreciate other women and whatever choices they make or struggles they have. There’s already so much against us, we gotta be able to stick together! Thank you for sharing 💗

  5. nirajshah2003 says

    This post is really well written! I love it how you encourage women to build each other up, and not be afraid of their identity!! Thanks for sharing!


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