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    • Shelly DS says

      It’s not so much the blogger but the content. So if you care about SEO you may need to spend some time editing the post to fit, in which case it is no longer the original. So if both of you don’t mind, go ahead! If SEO is important to you, you wouldn’t exactly want someone to write an essay with long winded sentences, no subheadings, no keyword usage, etc.

  1. Amethyst says

    Awesome tips. I love learning more.about blogging. There is so much I need to learn.

    I didn’t even know about Get Blogged. Do you use them and what do you think?

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks for reading!

      I have signed up with Get Blogged because I saw quite a lot of positive reviews on it. Many bloggers that post their income reports also have some income from Get Blogged. Most weeks I take a look to see what offers they have but I have never actually applied to any because there was Blogmas, then I moved to a new house and the full time job uffff! But long story short, I’ve heard very good things about them

      • Amethyst says

        Cool. It looks like a good opportunity.
        That’s a lot at the same time. Atleast now you are settled and Blogmas is over. Then working a full time job and blogging is a lot still. Good luck with everything.
        I will definitely try out Get Blogged.

  2. Rajat Jhingan says

    First of all, thanks to you for answering my request with such a generous gesture. Bless you. Your checklist has really made the gears in my brain turning now. I really feel that collaboration is actually a tricky part. Jumping the bandwagon can be a good option in an early stage (as I am a little liberal person, I would like to give a long rope to a new blogger). But I strongly feel that from the budding days, the bloggers must build trust and an ecosystem. This will help them grow and have a much needed support. For e.g. if I know a blogger from my early days of blogging, then I can trust him/her for feedback, guidance, sharing experience. When it’ll come to collaboration, my long standing trust will provide my with a quick list on my allies in the world. Plus, you need to grow and scale up as a blogger, collaboration is not just a views getting tool, it is also about being making your own blog to have perspectives on the ‘same’ subject making it richer for your audience.

    Your article have also helped me in getting in focus two things….. First is that the style of writing, it should be relatable if not similar (I’ll keep that in mind). Second, is ‘Well researched, rather than opinion’, that does matter. It shows the professionalism and seriousness.

    Additionally, a blog in normal progression graduates to a website….I guess, then you need to scale up on many things.

    Thanks a lot once again.
    Will surely love to get guidance from you in future.
    Rajat Jhingan

  3. ThinkTalk says

    I haven’t given a thought to blog collaboration. But I have reblogged a couple or so other posts that I liked. Thanks for the invaluable tips – will be handy when the time to collaborate happens. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

  4. Helen says

    This is great!! I’ve had a few guest bloggers on my site. What I most look for is original, authentic content that is related to the overall message of my brand. Basically I want the guest post to be good — if it’s bad or poorly written then that can tank my blog’s reputation 🙁

    I am wondering about the blog ranking score. Does everyone have access to that for free? Or would I have to pay to obtain one?

    • Shelly DS says

      Thanks Helen 🙂 that’s a great thing to stick to. Authentic and relative to your blog. The domain authority thing is actually free to check. You just run a Google search for domain authority checker, pick a site, insert your URL and it checks it for you! you can check any site’s DA actually

      • Helen says

        Thank you for the information!! I just checked and mine is pretty low. I just read that a good site should be at 50-60 and it depends on the quantity and quality of backlinks to your site.


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