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  1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says

    Great list! I’m so glad you mentioned postpartum depression–women need to be more open about that. And while I never want to dissuade a would-be mom from making the decision to have a baby, I do always mention the sleep thing. I always say, you will never again fall asleep lying on a beach. Heaven forbid a kid let you get away with that! Of course sleep deprivation is so real–it’s no surprise it’s used as a torture technique–and I’m sure it plays into the “baby blues” quite a bit.

    • Shelly DS says

      Rebecca thanks for taking the time to read the post 😊 I agree that postpartum depression really needs to be spoken about. I remember thinking I was being labeled as a threat to my child, but really it was the best diagnosis I’ve ever gotten because everything that followed is the reason why Gabby and I are joined at the hip! Sleep is never a fun one… but what they say about it all being worth it is definitely true!

  2. True Living says

    Wow, this is really overwhelming and just thinking about it that someday I might have to go through this is scary. But I must say I am proud of you, at least you’ve done a good job being a mom and raising a very beautiful daughter. Not everybody recovers fully after child birth. It’s indeed a very demanding and tasking job. Something we keep learning on a regular. How to be better. I am proud of you.

    • Shelly DS says

      You have no idea how much of an impact it has to hear (well read in this case?) the words “I’m proud of you”. As a mom I always second guess myself and feel guilty when I need a break… you never win! Thanks so much for the love <3

  3. jgatt13 says

    I love this, although I’m not a Mum yet, it was a great insight as to what’s to come in the future! Thanks for a great post!

  4. Krisna says

    #2 is so relatable to me. I found the postpartum period super hard. I suffered from baby blues myself and whenever I look back to the newborn phase, it still makes me wonder how I survived all of that. But as every mom would say, the pain, the struggle, it’s all absolutely worth it!

    • Shelly DS says

      Im so glad you got through it. How are you feeling now? Don’t underestimate your strength, what you’ve been through is preparation for all the hard (but rewarding) years to come. Take that with a pinch of salt because I’m probs the same age as you and don’t have much more experience haha!

      • Krisna says

        I am much better now. Thanks for asking. 🙂 I agree — the newborn phase is tough but I’m sure it really is just a preparation for what’s in store for us as moms.


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