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  1. missybeelondon says

    I like that no is a sentence, I get many messages on the socials asking me partake or be involved in things. Some I ignore, because if I was to respond no, there will be a reply. And not into back and forth if my answer will not change. Sometimes I just say “sorry, I am unable to do this”. But it really depends on what is being asked and who is asking.

    • Shelly DS says

      Agreed 100% the only issue is that we sometimes give the explanation without being asked. Then the lies come out and we feel embarrassed. At the end of the day we can only be responsible for our own actions and decisions

    • Shelly DS says

      Lol guilt is just horrible, but finding yourself doing something you don’t want to do should be is worse. Especially when you take from your “you” time to do this. It’s an easy word… repeat after me… No!

  2. imifarm says

    I really struggle to say no with work and often take on tasks for other people that I really shouldn’t be doing, which then makes colleagues think they can dump anything on me and i’ll do it. I am getting better at being more assertive and even have assertiveness training coming up!!!
    Can really relate to rather staying in with Netflix, than going to a party xxx

  3. Cindy Georgakas says

    I always say… hmmmm thank you… Let me think about that or get back to you.. works well! I mean if it’s a no, it’s a no. but best not to have to back throttle after a yes.. now no one asks.. it’s perfect lol… except for work!❤️

  4. Lauren says

    I hate when people tell me “yes” but then they don’t follow through. I wasn’t raised to be polite and say things I don’t mean, so I’ve always been honest with my choices to attend or not attend events. I’ve always felt like I had to explain why I can’t, if I am choosing not to. That’s something that I’ve worked on as I’ve gotten older because I’ve realized that I don’t need to explain myself to anyone.

  5. Amethyst says

    I can definitely relate to this. Saying no feels rude and harsh but I know it is way better in the long run instead of lying to yourself and others. Saying yes to things I don’t mean to do can impact relationships and give people a negative impression of you. Best to say no upfront.
    However than can be easier said than done for me but I’m learning.

  6. Delicate and brutal says

    Learning to say No is important for our mental health and setting healthy boundaries. It can take a lot of practice since we’re conditioned to say Yes out of guilt, pressure from society, or not wanting to disappoint others. We can live more free and content lives by saying No.

  7. Helen says

    I just love this especially your point about it NOT being rude to say no. I think we are conditioned to think that the word ‘no’ is rude. When I hear someone just say ‘no’ it does seem rude to me. I often try to soften it by saying ‘no thanks’ … but even that sounds rude. I wish I didn’t think the way. I think people should have more confidence and not be scared to say no to people (family, friends, anyone). If you are uncomfortable then you should say no. Because at the end of the day, you are what matters.

    This also reminds me to personal boundaries and how when people may try to hug us they may get offended when we don’t want to. But if we don’t want to, then we shouldn’t have to, no matter who they are. It is our body and we have the ultimate say to it. But because many people feel that they can’t or shouldn’t say ‘no’ in matters pertaining to their own bodies, … that is what is wrong with society. We should teach the younger generation to always say no and stick up for themselves. I’ve told my daughter to say no if she doesn’t want to hug or kiss anyone. It is her body and her decision.

    Basically we shouldn’t think of saying ‘no’ as rude but as a way to protect ourselves and put ourselves first. At the end of the day, we are what matters. If we don’t take care of us,then who will?

    PS–there’s a typo in your graphic. You have a ‘d’ in the word guilty

    • Shelly DS says

      So insightful and spot on! It really is up to us to advocate for ourselves, especially when our security or mental health depends on it. It took a while for me to realise that it’s not an obligation to say yes to everything, and man is it freeing! Give it a try 😉
      Thank you!!! I’ll edit that picture now 😂

  8. m11bna says

    i love the part where you said ‘No is a sentence”. it sure is! and the biggest and hardest sentence too. all my life i have been a people pleaser….. and i got nothing in return…. nope not true! i got disrespected and insults in return….. Saying ‘no’ is still tough for me, but ive learnt my lesson! and will get there.


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