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What’s the balance?

I’ve never seen a tombstone that reads, “Here lies such and such, she was a really great asset to her company”.


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I will not apologise for being a working mom!

Just a few days ago, I found myself dividing my attention between feeding my toddler and responding to colleagues that continuously pinged me onSkype for business. On a normal day it would be fine, but at nearly seven in the evening, all I felt was frustration. It saddens me to say that even after excusing…

The rant of a working mom

The week has finally ended and for the first time in over three months, I don’t quite have much to say except “phew!”. As a working mom, this pandemic has been one of the most challenging and trying times, partly because my toddler has been going through sleep regressions but also because working from home…

The Pros and Cons of Working From Home

2020: The year that the world stopped. Working in pyjamas with Netflix playing in the background? Sign me up! This post comes at a time when most of us have had the experience of working from home, starting new hobbies and re-evaluating what our ‘normal’ will look like going forward. While I truly appreciate this…